Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have Americans lost their minds?

O.K. at first, an overwhelming number of uninvolved and politically ignorant masses, bought into the dishonest cover-up of the dinosaur Marxist and unscrupulous media. It was wrong and many of us were warning all, that Barry Soetoro was like the food at the golden “M”; great propaganda and little meat.

The man in the White House, chances are illegally so, is a fake and in my humble opinion, a plant. In only 19 months, he has incurred more debt than the first 40 Presidents put together did.

This man has lied; flip-flopped; betrayed; ignored the Constitution; made a mockery of the U.S.A. here and abroad; broken most if not all of his campaign promises; thumbed his nose at the millions of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet by taking more vacations than any other president in this time period; ignored the wishes of the majority and implemented unwanted and unreasonable policies against your will.

More and more people are talking impeachment, but as I said before, that would only legitimize his election as though he were qualified to reside in the White House. No, the “I” word is too good for him. He has to be disqualified for pretending that he met all the constitutional requirements to be president and, the way to do that is to force him to provide all the documents he refuses to show.

If we are right, he has committed fraud, has deceived “his constituency”, has deliberately and illegally subverted the constitution and destroyed the Republic on purpose. I’m no lawyer but it sounds to me that it could be a pretty good case of something generally known as fraud and treason.

Remember, if he is not a natural born American in the constitutional requirements, he won’t be an American citizen either since there doesn’t seem to be a record of his becoming one (nor of his “conversion” to Christianity or his baptism). Now, help me here for I’m not a lawyer as I said above. What do you call a foreigner who infiltrates a country and becomes its leader under false pretenses?

What sort of penalty is there within the law when the same person consistently harms the country whose leadership he has usurped? Assuming that this person has surrounded himself with proven enemies of the American constitution, principles and dreams, what is he?

Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama, etc., apparently hasn’t told the American people one truth. He’s filled the White House with people who most of us wouldn’t even have coffee with and yet, he seems to still retain 41% approval rate. Am I missing something?

Didn’t he run under the premises of bringing transparency and accountability to Washington D.C.? Did we not hear him say paraphrasing dear Harry, “The buck stops here”? I wonder then why he keeps on blaming George W. Bush for everything that goes wrong including, but not limited to, Hurricane Earl”. This is his government (at least in appearance, since we don’t know for sure how many people control him), he is 19 months into his illegal term, and I think it’s high time he takes responsibility for his actions or lack thereof.

Now, a judge who is a military career officer (thus subject to reprisals if acting contrary to what her superiors wish) has stumped on the constitution, once more and denied the accused, Lt. Colonel Lakin, the right to subpoena the documents which could clear him from all charges, under the pretext that it could “embarrass” the occupant of the White House. Na├»ve me who thought the Founding Fathers had given the world a Republic under which all people had equal rights under the law, and were innocent until proven guilty!

America doesn’t have all that many true friends because many countries envy what it has achieved, but she had a few. Unfortunately Barry is making sure that he offends most of them one by one. The U.K., I think, was the first one and it was a country that George W. Bush went out of his way to have on his side, in spite of the political differences of his counterpart in the U.K. Then, there have been others and Israel is living proof as Barry’s attitude if not words, are proving he’s on the side of Israel’s enemies.

Obama is not stupid; Marxist yes, but not stupid and the excuse that he has poor advice is ridiculous if, as he said, “the buck stops here,” for he could easily over-turn everyone else’s decisions. It is my opinion that Barry’s choices for Czars, were not really his choices and, they are not really advisors, rather, he takes orders from them. I leave up to you to figure out who is/are giving those orders.

Barry has finally admitted that the porkulus, pardon me, stimulus package was a dismal failure (although not for some of his friends). Don’t misunderstand him; he’s not doing this because of a bout of honesty rather, because it is so obvious, that denying it would back-fire on him.

So why is he insisting on using another $50 billion of your dollars claiming that it will create jobs, when the first bundle “dedicated” to that purpose, didn’t accomplish diddly-squat? Oh, sorry, I forgot, the midterm elections are unfavorable to his party and they risk losing both houses. Well, avoiding that loss is worth $50 billion of YOUR dollars, isn’t it? After all, appearing to do something with the failing economy seemed to be worth $787 billion at the beginning of his term.

Well, folks, if you don’t wake-up fast, get involved and wake-up your friends and neighbors, come November you won’t have a country to worry about.


Joseph A. Gamero