Friday, August 6, 2010

US Supreme Court Now Illegitimate and Legally Nullified With Addition of New Justice Kagen

Carrie Taranova

Once criminals and law breakers have been infiltrated into government positions, that entity or position no longer holds any legitimacy.

It nullifies itself by its own actions.

New Justice Elena Kagen is a Communist, homosexual and abortion (baby-killing) activist, a criminal who has done prison punishment types crimes by altering official documents and presenting them to the Supreme Court, defrauding the court by doing so. Her crimes are now being brought up by legal groups for her disbarment so she can not practice law at all.

This being ignored by the Congress and the Senate makes them also participants in her crimes as assessors to the fact.

They knew of her crimes, yet chose to ignore them in order to obey Obama, who himself is illegitimate in office, and to push forth the OWG agenda, that is the main focus now in DC.

Nothing else matters to them now.

I see that when this all hits the fan, the entire DC system entity, that calls itself a 'government' but isn't, will all be culpable in these many Treasonous crimes. It is getting close to that now as the public grows more and more aware of the actual crimes being passed off as 'law' from DC.

As it stands right now, the public cannot accept the US Supreme Court as legitimate with a criminal as a justice. Her being an activist on anti-Constitutional issues also makes her illegitimate as a justice.

These charges against Elena Kagen are not just accusations mind you, they are proven actions on her part that deliberately defrauded the very court she now sits on ! In doing these criminal actions, she also technically acted as a medical professional in the documents she altered. This is still another crime. There are other actions also in her recent past that have proven her as very anti-American and anti-Constitution.

I ask you, how can someone have the gall to deceive (lie) to the entire country and claim to promise to uphold an oath that requires her to uphold the very Constitution and rule of law that she herself abhors and has shown in her actions to fight against them ? That cannot be a legitimate justice of any court. This is on top of her criminal actions that defrauded the very court she now sits on !

She belongs in prison, not on the US Supreme Court !

And with the legal actions now being brought against her, that may happen yet.

In the meantime, the US Supreme Court is illegitimate and nullified with her on board.