Monday, August 16, 2010


Gordon Bishop On The Issues

Barack Obama's Administration is "corrupt, secretive and contemptuous of the people's "right to know," according to Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C. non-profit, "Watch Dog" over our federal government's operations.

"This president and his gang pose a serious threat to the rule of law in our nation," says Thomas Fitton, president of Judicial Watch (JW).

JW is holding Obama responsible for what's happening to our nation's economy and America's traditional values.

Judicial Watch is sending to its nation-wide members a "16 count Citizen Bill of Grievances Against President Obama.

"Signing this Bill of Grievance is the first step in a mighty national campaign to expose the secrecy, cover-ups and criminality of the Obama administration and to hold Barack Obama and his team accountable to the American people for misconduct and violations of the law!"

"I have watched with growing anxiety and disbelief over the last year-and-a-half as President Barack Obama's administration has become increasingly radical and out-of-control," Fitton wrote in his monthly newsletter.

"His economic policies are socialist, deficit-exploding and job-killing. He is committed to "comprehensive immigration reform " that will include one way or another, amnesty for illegal aliens.

In just a year-and-a-half, Barack Obama has:

1. Nationalized health care.

2. Nationalized General Motors and Chrysler.

3. Nationalized the student loan program.

4. And nationalized much of our banking system.

And if that isn't bad enough, this administration is completely secretive and utterly contemptuous of the people's right to know. Not only are their policies dreadful, but they are committed to enacting them behind closed doors.

Since 1994, Judicial Watch has investigated, publicized and prosecuted public corruption and improper government secrecy.

Our mission is to uphold the rule of law and fight for transparency in government.

But "we were not prepared for the Obama administration's toxic combination of sleazy ethics, contempt for the people's 'right to know" and "radical left-wing policies."

"The Obama administration's Chicago-style of corruption and compulsive secrecy undermine the rule of law-- which is the basis of our great public.

Some Washington observers have even gone so far as to describe the Obama administration as a "gangster government!"

"We are launching an unprecedented National Obama Accountability Project."

The Judicial Watch Project is designed to

1. Expose Obama corruption and potential crimes and misconduct.

2. Educate the American people with the facts about what we discover.

3. And mobolize every concerned American through our Citizen Bill of Grievances to demand accountability through the legal system from the Obama Administration and the president himself.

If Judicial Watch does not fight to hold Barack Obama and his team accountable to the rule of law, who else will?

-- The liberal national media routinely ignores Obama secrecy, cover-ups, corruption and potentially criminal acts. They are as much "in the tank" for Barack Obama today as they were when he took office in January 2009.

-- Labor unions and other left-wing special interests are as committed to this president and his radical Big Government agenda as ever, and

-- Although Republicans will attack Obama for short-term partisan gain, there is no proof that they have come to grips with their own very recent history of corruption and government secrecy.

The handwriting was on the wall about the ethics of Barack Obama and his team from the beginning. And not a week has gone by since this administration has not been touched by some legal or ethical scandal!

Most recently is the astonishing news that the Obama White House attempted to bribe Democratic candidates to drop primary challenges against Obama-back candidates in Pennsylvania and Colorado -- a clear violation of federal law!

What's just as bad is that the the presidential candidate who campaigned on "transparency and open government" has turned out to be the most consistently and compulsively secretive president in living memory.

As a candidate, Obama said:

"I promise 100 percent transparency in my administration" and "I will allow five days of public comment before I sign any bills," and I'll put the health care negotiation on C-Span so everyone can see who is at the table."

"Incredibility, President Barack Obama violated every one of these pledges that he made to the America people."

What utter hypocrisy!

(Gordon Bishop is a 'Who's Who in the World' international award-winning author, historian, syndicated columnist and New Jersey's First "Journalist-of-the-Year"--1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1857.