Monday, August 16, 2010

Hate Pimps

Gary Bray

If you LOVE me you will obey what I command. John 14:15

America has had enough race, sex and preference group wars. You are either an American citizen or you are not. You are either a part of the solution of this mess or are the problem. Right now the Groupists the main problem keeping us apart. America is tired of this never ending complaint about one race or another, women, homosexuals and whatever put upon group of the day being given preferential treatment leading to a mediocrity of the Country. Our Affirmative Action President is a perfect example of being promoted way beyond your actual abilities into a position of below avg performance simply due to Whiteguilt.

It is past time to quit stirring peoples’ hatred of White males simply due to the fact you are not part of their group. After 50 yrs of agitating it is past time to put an end to the NAAC, Jesse Jackmail, Al Stepnfetch, the National Order of Broads, La Ratza and every other extortion faction. These people need to have the races hating each other so they can destroy America while making their bank accounts fatter and fatter. The only reason they’re advanced by the elite is the elite is overrepresented by these sainted groups. If these people weren’t hired and promoted by quotas and set asides they would have to be have competence and produce results. This of course would replace most of Big Media.

When will these groups finally be considered equal and when will Whites be allowed to have the same rights as the preferential groups. Not only do they punish the groups who don’t have quotas but they tell the inferior group they can’t do it w/o holding the other group behind. This goes against everything America and capitalism stands for. Why can’t a university be overrepresented by Asian students if they put in the work while the other kids were making fun of them? Rather than letting people rise and fall of their own accord we have gummit trying to decide who wins and losses which means everybody loses. How many years do we have to maintain this façade before we let people reach whatever levels their talents and ambition determine.

We have race dividing institutions who make Million$ keeping the races hating each other as well as making their group have grievances real or imagined. Jesse Jackmail of course will say anything is racism so he can embezzle $$ from a company and line his pockets while maintaining he is helping his people. Don’t see his kids going to public schools. The Nat Org of Hags of course uses the same tactics even though they outnumber men in every category including outliving us and claim they are discriminated against. They have cooked so many stats to make themselves victims they could make a cake. Every group has reached every level of success yet they need to maintain their façade to exploit their cash cows that have made them fat cats off the misery of others.

The first place we can do away w/woman quotas is the Stone Aged Press. Let the market determine who has the most talent and who doesn’t. Quota queens like Old Dowdy and Katie Colon as well as dingbat Nooner should have enough stashed they can usher in the new talented men and women who have been kept out of their inner sanctum. Imagine is we were able to read and listen to real wordsmiths who could explore the edges of your imagination with all sides of an argument. Dictatorial laws which determine winners and losers stifle free thought as well as hinder creativity and self determination. Mododo’s disjointed harangues are one example.

White men have their own hate group called the Union who need their members to hate the owners or anybody they determine as wealthy. Unions have been plying the natural envy of the successful to maintain power and enrich themselves beyond the very people who are targeted. The same tactic is used by all hate Pimps who divide Americans. These groups are taught to hate the offending group and actually become the racists they accused the other of.

The Hate Pimps have been plying their trade for decades and it is way past time for them to fold. We need to expose them for who and what they are so we can all become Americans rather than separate groups living in your own hate group angry at the opposing group or groups. We need to become the melting pot America was meant to become. Rather than working apart and wanting what the other group has we need to weave our talents to make all the strands better. This is not the time to make divisions but to come together and weave the thread to make the rope strong and secure. We will never have a perfectly woven rope but can unite each other together w/knots we will make as we repair the damages caused by knives who try to cut us apart. If and when our cable is completed these knives will be exposed as the danger they are to the melting pot we call America. Only then will the Country reach the potential our Founders dreamed America would become.

Pray for America