Monday, August 2, 2010

Is “Immigration Enforcement” Really Un-American?

By John W. Lillpop

Mention “immigration enforcement” these days and damn near every Hispanic in the nation, both those here legally and others not, goes into life-threatening cardiac arrest.

It’s the new-age equivalent of the N word, but reserved exclusively for Latinos. Regrettably, most Democrats and the entire mainstream media support the idiotic notion that the rule of law applies to everyone but Latinos!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi even went so far as to label immigration enforcement against illegal aliens “un-American.”

How might the Founding Fathers feel knowing that more than 234 years after they fought a brutal Revolutionary war and labored long and hard to establish “a more perfect union,” the Speaker of the House of Representatives would actually see fit to defend foreign invaders against enforcement of U.S. law, and would even seek to justify such chicanery by claiming that enforcing the law was somehow un-American?

Throw in the fact that Pelosi is a dingy female with all the intellectual acumen of a stale tortilla chip and one could deliver a devastatingly bad hair day to Messrs. Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and all of our other blessed ancestors, were they still alive to witness the dumbing-down that has consumed what was once the great and noble city of Washington, D.C.


There is nothing more so than voting for someone as goofy as Nancy Pelosi to a position of responsibility in the U.S. Congress!