Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Burt Prelutsky

When I consider the brouhaha over the mosque at Ground Zero, the question that springs to mind isn’t why Islamics chose such a provocative site, but, rather, why so many Americans feel compelled to pander to Muslims.

Now, I understand that Mayor Bloomberg, being a New York liberal, assumes he is the perfect person to lecture the rest of us about religious tolerance. Lecturing, after all, is what liberals think they’re best at, be it from a political dais, a college lectern, a judicial bench or the editorial page of the New York Times. Still, with the enthusiastic endorsement of his colleagues in the media, Bloomberg takes idiocy to new levels. He actually believes that Muslims should be encouraged to erect a 13-story victory structure on sacred ground because we live in a democracy. On the other hand, this lover of freedom and liberty, Nanny Bloomberg, has taken it upon himself to deprive New Yorkers of their right to consume trans fats and salt.

I certainly understand why Barack Obama’s initial instinct was to back the building of the mosque, and it certainly wasn’t just because he was addressing a group of Muslims at a Ramadan dinner. That was certainly the venue, and Obama, like most people, enjoys applause, which is why we always get to see him addressing union members and deep-pocket Democrats at fund-raising events. But the main reason he backed the mosque is because, no matter where he may have been born, there is a basic disconnect between him and this nation.

That may sound far-fetched, considering that he was elected president of the United States less than two years ago, garnering about 63 million votes. But that was after he and the MSM had successfully pulled the wool over a great many eyes. He has now had time to show his true colors in his America-bashing speeches; by his banishing the little statue of Churchill, while kowtowing to Saudi royalty; by his assuming with no facts at hand that a white Cambridge police officer was stupid and clearly in the wrong; by refusing to connect the Fort Hood assassin or any of the other terrorists with Islam; declining even to prosecute the New Black Panthers for intimidating white voters. Heck, this clown won’t even cross his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance.

I used to be so naïve that I assumed the reason that Obama attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist church for 20 years was merely a means to worm his way into Chicago’s black community so that he could pursue a career in politics. I have since come to believe that Obama shares Wright’s disgusting beliefs. I believe the reason that he, unlike most Americans, Democrats included, think it’s a swell idea for the 13-story mosque to be erected is because, like his religious mentor, he is convinced that 9/11 was a case of America’s chickens coming home to roost.

Consider, if you will, that the head of NASA was told that one of his primary goals was to reach out to the Muslim nations and make them feel good about their achievements in math and science. That meant that in addition to all his other responsibilities, the poor guy was going to have to bone up on ancient, very ancient, history.

Some people would point to the surge in Afghanistan as proof that Obama isn’t a Manchurian or at least a Kenyan candidate, but that raises a provocative question: Why announce a deadline for pulling out our troops when such arbitrary dates inevitably encourage our enemies and undermine our allies? Knowing that we intend to be gone within a year, what Afghan with the brains he was born with would dare assist us and antagonize the bloodthirsty Taliban? And what’s the big rush, anyway? We still have troops, for God’s sake, in Germany, Japan, Korea and Kosovo.

In poker, when a player unconsciously tips his mitt it’s called a “tell”. With Obama, his tell is when he says, “Let me be perfectly clear.” Another sure way to recognize that he’s lying is to see if his mouth is moving.

Getting back to the mosque, I kept hearing Islamic spokesmen talking about their fellow Muslims who had been killed on 9/11, suggesting that they, too, had suffered painful losses. So I checked it out. As near as I could figure, 62 Muslims died on that infamous day. That, of course, isn’t counting the 19 who were responsible for slaughtering 2,800 non-Muslims. Not to make light of the 62, but numbers are relative and I would guess that hardly a day goes by that Muslims of one sect aren’t blowing up at least 62 members of a different sect somewhere in the world.

New York’s Governor David Paterson, being yet another mushy-headed liberal, naturally couldn’t resist leaping into the fray. In an attempt to broker an agreement, he offered state land to the Muslims as a means to lure them away from lower Manhattan. When I heard that, I found myself wondering why the usual suspects, including the ACLU, weren’t raising Cain over the separation of church and state. I guess that only applies when it comes to Christianity and Judaism.

Speaking of non-Islamic theologies reminds me that Barack Obama, when he was addressing wealthy San Franciscans at a fund-raiser in 2008, dismissed millions upon millions of American Christians as “those people clinging to their religion and their guns,” but has never once described Islamics as those people clinging to their religion and their suicide bombs.