Monday, May 20, 2013


Mychal Massie points to false messages sent to young minorities

In the late 1980s, it was called “wilding,” and the actors were called “wolf packs.” Today they are called “flash mobs,” but the actors and their intentions are the same.
Marauding gangs of blacks are terrorizing cities across the country, randomly attacking whites and destroying private property. As journalist Colin Flaherty wrote: “Welcome to the new normal: Large-scale black mob violence is busting out in Philadelphia, Chicago, Utica, Jacksonville, St. Louis, Wilmington (Delaware), Greenville (South Carolina), Grand Rapids, Peoria, Springfield (Ohio), Newark, Boston and Brooklyn.” (“Busting out all over: Black mob violence,”, April 11, 2013)
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During the “wilding” days, a group of black youths would randomly target a white person and punch him in the face, often taking time to admire their evil work. There was celebratory recognition for the one who delivered the most devastating assault. Today, 50-100 or more blacks go on wild rampages of unprovoked violence, and the media is mute about it.
There is an understanding in the media that to report on such behavior would be viewed as racist. As my late grandmother was wont to say, “What on earth is this world coming to?” What indeed?
What motivates a people to act out such animalistic behavior?
One obvious answer is that there is no limit to the depths those who do not know the Lord will sink to in their depravity. But the other is raw, unbridled antipathy for whites.
This hatred is fueled by the continued inculcation that white people are not only taking advantage of blacks but that the problems in predominantly black domiciles are inherently attributable to white people in the zeitgeist of today. Whites are viewed as synonymous with all that is unjust and as being unfairly advantaged.
Blacks are constantly reminded – and thus encouraged to be resentful because of past grievances that most today never experienced. Specifically not those involved in flash mobs.
Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are easy targets when it comes to pointing out those who foment racial discord – and justifiably so. But what about the message sent by the highest law enforcement officer in the country, Attorney General Eric Holder, who refused my official petition and the petitions of others calling for the New Black Panther Party to be prosecuted for voter intimidation? Does not that send a clear and unambiguous message that if you’re black and terrorize white people there is no penalty? What about the transpicuous message of racial demagoguery by Obama when he claimed if he had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin? What about the message sent by the Obama woman when she stated in effect that she was only proud being in America because her husband was elected president?
Combining messages like those with the inculcation of “if you’re black you’re not equal” fertilizes the seeds of resentment and anger. Mixing that alchemy with the mantra that blacks are poorer and more disadvantaged than whites because the government doesn’t help them enough, adds accelerant to the flames under the caldron of combustible contempt.
Thus, it becomes understandable why those involved in these violent outbursts are given over to same. It is their intention to hurt the people viewed as responsible for their fathers being in jail, their mothers having to work two jobs, their horrid home lives, their brothers and sisters being killed in gang violence, ad nauseum.
They are taught in the classrooms that white privilege is to blame. The government is perceived as a monolith to white imperialism.
The message that is most needed, and that would have the greatest positive impact, is the one that isn’t given nearly enough.
Send the message that getting a good education is paramount, and that doesn’t necessarily imply the need for college – learn a skill or trade. Teach that marketable social skills, marketable linguistic skills, marketable employment skills and proper dress are more important than the number of women males can sleep with. Instead of celebrating the working single mother as worthy of emulation, why not celebrate the woman who respects herself and who abstains from having children (sans abortion) until she is married?
Teach that while America is the greatest country in the world – the reality of life is that it sometimes seems unfair. But that isn’t because a white person is hiding just out of sight making a black man’s life miserable (Democratic race-mongers notwithstanding).
I in no way support the animalistic behavior of flash mobs, but, specific to that point, it must be said that when the message being received on a sensory level every day of their lives is one of “the white man is to blame” what else can we expect?