Monday, May 20, 2013

The wartime President

Gary Bray

For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in Hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. Rom 8 20-21

It looks like the messiah's army has become war weary. After so many years of fighting this war it is difficult to continue to rally the troops and it looks like the troops are thinking, nuclear. Just like LBJ's "heavy heart" speech it simply appears the enemy has rallied from the carpet bombing and now is beginning to get a toehold on the Ho Chi Min trail. When you have a super-power like the District of Corruption using all of its force against a group of under-armed guerilla fighters and still are not able to get their surrender you begin to see a misuse of power which is exactly what we are witnessing. Eventually, your army begins to look at the leader and ask if he is up to the task of wiping out such an easy foe.

We have the full force of the United States gummit, the media and academia bringing their power to bear against their most hated enemy which is the American people. These Three Pillars have learned during the last fifty years you no longer have to build gulags when you can enslave their political prisoners under house arrest and silence them through virtual firing squads, scare tactics and intimidation. They are now in complete control by owning the Three Pillars and have absolute power from every front. They are now at war with their number one enemy and as we saw this week anything goes until they crush the resistance.

The enemy the United States is at war is any group which has any words or phraseology such as Americans, Love America, Patriotic, My Country tis of thee, Flag (except when proceeded by burn, spit on, piss on or any desecration), Christian, gun and especially Tea Party. The United States and DC is in the process of purging these groups from the political landscape and consider them the real terrorists in America who must be destroyed. The groups they are allied with have any name relating to hate America, end marriage, communist, socialist, progressive, dirt worship, Al Queda, Islam, or any group bent on the destruction of America. The lines have never been more clearly defined as war has been declared and this is not going to be a fair fight.

Communism is a Godless political religion which is based on evolution and has no moral values. It has been taught in our schools from K-college and many of those who come out are firm believers in moral relativism and no moral absolutes. This means any ends justifies the ends if those ends lead to solidifying power and furthering their communist stranglehold on America. Just like the old Soviet guard who would justify purging political dissidents in the gulags, the modern communist will justify voter fraud, IRS intimidation and murdering Ambassadors and Americans at a marathon if it somehow will allow them to maintain power. There is no greater threat to these people than the possibility a group would have a platform which would point out the emptiness and criminality of their Party so freedom loving groups are the Al Queda in their eyes.

If you have no absolutes or truths, you are allowed to determine what is good and bad. Since man without God is inherently evil, when you have man making that determination using his moral relativism; anything is determined as good or at least justifiable. This is why they think it is just fine to harass Conservative groups with the full power of the IRS while helping their communist based groups. They believe the Conservatives are the enemy and if they could get rid of them then their utopia is right around the corner. Never mind their version of utopia requires the harassment and punishment of those who disagree with them, it is still utopia. Never mind their idea of utopia requires around, 25% unemployment and enslavement of those still working, they enjoy those utopian benefits. Their vision of utopia is they are in it and the slaves maintain their utopian lifestyle without complaint.

Moral relativism also allows the justification of creating a fa├žade of safety in a den of terrorism to the point of making sure nobody has weapons to protect themselves' for fear of offending the terrorists. It allows you to put people in danger unnecessarily so you can create an image of defeating terrorism even when your own people are telling you otherwise. You do not even allow the word terrorist to be uttered for fear of waking the sleeping populous. It also allows you to justify the turning down requests to rescue your own Ambassador when his life is in severe jeopardy because you are afraid a military disaster would reflect poorly on your reelection so you turn your back and leave him to die. The fact you left thirty people on their own to die or somehow escape so you don't have a Black Hawk down situation is easily justified to reach your election ends.

After you watch your Ambassador and some brave Americans who defied your orders, murdered in the most savage way possible you now have to justify how to spin this to get through the election. You make up this phony video story so you can turn the tables on the intolerant Conservatives and begin to lecture America for being anti-Mooselimb and spit on the real victims of this tragedy. You already know America is filled with bigots who are basically evil, so you simply justify your existence with this story to the point you even jail some nobody Egyptian director who made a video nobody ever watched until the coordinated story was blasted around the world. The last thing you can afford is to make it seem like Libya is actually a terrorist snake pit or the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, so you blame some innocent director; the ends justify the means.

You have to make sure nobody asks why the Ambassador was in one of the most dangerous towns in the Middle East or who made the Stand Down order. If people were to actually be told what happened that night and who was at fault it could allow Romney to gain traction so the Three Pillars went to work and promoted this pathetic excuse and if anyone deviated they were put in front of the virtual firing squad. For the Democrat machine it was not only justifiable, but it allowed them to attack the Conservatives as the intolerant bigots they have painted them for decades. This attack was America's fault for being insensitive to islam. Still, nobody dares to ask who made the "Stand Down" call or what the Ambassador was doing in such a dangerous location, the Pillars won't allow that information to be disclosed.

We are witnessing a war weary administration. The same people who believe they are the most intelligent people on the planet are looking very pedestrian right now. There is more corruption being exposed about these moral relativists than we have ever seen in a presidency. We are witnessing what happens when man makes the rules rather than God where ethical behavior is expected. We are seeing the ends justifying any means and what they are justifying to make those ends happen and is very ugly and sinister. This week we had a look behind the curtain and found no intelligence or plan, only Chicago mob politics which uses intimidation and corruption to push people around and a complete abuse of power. For those who were watching it is was not a pretty sight although revealing who the real enemy of Obama's army is. It is you.

Pray for America to Wake Up