Monday, May 27, 2013

Bowhunters claim Obama targeting them, too...

As the White House strategizes on a new scheme to pass gun control, bowhunters are joining gun defenders, claiming that they are President Obama's next target.

The sport's bible, Bowhunter Magazine, is calling on bow and arrow hunters to join Second Amendment advocates to stop gun control, which they view as a smokescreen to hide an anti-hunting agenda.

"There is no doubt the anti-gun community is, in part, colonized by anti-hunting elements. They operate covertly because they want to the focus to be on guns. In their twisted minds, if guns go away, so goes hunting," wrote editor Curt Wells.

"The anti-hunting community will use any means to stop hunting, and if emasculating the Second Amendment helps they'll support it. They they'll move on to bowhunting. All hunters stand in front of the same bull's-eye, which is precisely why we must stand united," he added.

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Several other bowhunting websites and groups have joined efforts to block gun control and are gearing up for the next fight, predicted by the National Rifle Association to be even meaner than this spring's battle over expanded background checks on gun buyers.

Some bowhunting purists don't use guns, but Wells noted that most have at least one firearm and that bowhunters should stand with gun owners. "We must show unity, not weakness," he penned. "Support your local hunters, regardless of their choice of weapon. Stand up with gun owners, just as you hope they would someday stand with you."