Monday, August 20, 2012


Joseph Gamero

Most decent people are running out of epithets to be used on president Barry Soetoro, without having recourse to shall we say, less acceptable language.

Now, maybe it’s me, but I have revulsion every time I hear Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz or any of their lackeys: Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Tamara Holder etc., repeat the mantra of the day, regardless of its veracity.

Speaking of the above names, those and some more, are enough reason for me to turn off FoxNews and move to better things. I’ve stopped long ago watching Sheppard Smith and soon will stop watching The Five, a favorite program, due to the pathetically partisan statements of Bob Beckel. Because I like the others, I still watch it although I mute his words. Too bad the FoxNews Channel is gone so far left.

But I digress.

I firmly believe that any decent person around the world, who is informed about American politics, is getting sick in the stomach every time they see Barry Soetoro on T.V. lying through his teeth as he usually does.

For example, today he said some outrageous thing that only those in the political know, could appreciate. He said that anyone running for the White House should understand that his life must be an open book. The man is obviously not a Christian and may not understand that double standards and lies might be the thing in the Marxist-controlled Democratic party, but for the rest of us, it is anathema.

Mr. President, where is you open-book life? Where is your TRUE birth certificate? Where are your scholar records and other documents asked of you for about four years now? You can’t have it both ways!

Then we have Bob Gibbs, having the gall to say that Governor Romney has obviously something to hide because he doesn’t release as many tax returns as the LIEberals demand! Robert, Robert, Robert. There’s no requirement that candidates disclose their tax returns in any given numbers. John McCain only provided two years and that wasn’t an issue.

It is an issue this time, because your candidate cannot stand any kind of scrutiny of his record and you’re blindly trying to get something on which to attack Governor Romney. If it’s true, you hit the jackpot because the media won’t stop talking about it until Election Day, regardless of the seriousness of it. If it were not true, it wouldn’t matter to you as proven by your party’s track record. Even if proven a lie, many of the people who heard it, will not hear the rebuttal. The damage thus, is done either way.

Kind of reminds me of the dirty tactics of the Jurassic Media. They make a statement about someone, which is not true, on the front page. Millions of people read about it; maybe it is picked-up by other members of the media. Then, if proven false, they ran a one agate line (the width of one column and 1-1/4 inch deep) apology somewhere on page 23, that almost no one reads, and that’s all. Thanks for the retraction! Now, the Marxists that are so much in favor of fairness in the media haven’t demanded that the retraction be as big as the lie and on the same spot, three days in a row, have they?

Although there's no requirement about then tax returns, there’s a requirement in the Constitution, that a President must be a Natural Born Citizen of the U. S. Where is Obama’s proof of such? In fact, I don’t even think he can prove that he’s a citizen, let alone Natural Born! Who paid for his tuition in university? Where did the funds come for for his whole education? Did he attend under an agreement that foreign students had a lower tuition than regular Americans? If so, did he lie to get the lower price or was he truly a foreign student? Me thinks that those things are far more important for the American people that whether Governor Romney used perfectly legato strategies to pay his taxes!

I think that the American people are getting Obama’s number as evidenced by his standing in the polls. “Dear” Democrats, all you have left now is the usual cheating and it seems that, short of ACORN on your side this time, you have had recourse to a Spanish company to tally the votes. A foreign power will be in control of the results of the American election! That’s is a new low, even for Obama!

Friends, it appears that, once the voting information is transferred to the Spanish company, there will be no way to verify the results. An American election made in Spain! WOW! Where is America heading, down way below the sewers?
Is America becoming subservient to Spain? I thought the new masters were the Chinese! Maybe Obama doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. Perhaps a careful study of the people involved in the Spanish company could shed some light on this matter. Could any of them have ties in the U.S.? Could any of them have Marxist ties? With Radical Muslims perhaps?

Today, more than ever before,
God Bless America!