Friday, August 3, 2012

The Busine$$ of Equality

Does the Left ever listen to itself speaking?

Sometimes it’s difficult to believe they do.

In a CNN interview, Wyoming Equality Chairman, Jeran Artery put on an air of principle, berating a fast-food chain for stepping into the political arena: “It would really be nice if Chick-fil-A would just get in the business of making great chicken and stay out of uh, out of the business of equality.”

Oddly enough, Artery – and other “boycotters” of Chick-fil-A have been pretty two-faced about their principled stand.

In a brief search, we found the personal facebook page of Jeran Artery. In July Facebook created a new set of icons to identify when a user has gotten so called "married" to a person of the same sex.

 So, if Mr. Artery decides to "tie the knot" with his boyfriend, they’ll be able to boast a man+man icon on the social networking site. Does that count as “the business of equality”?

Google came out strong against California’s Proposition 8 earlier this year. Google cofounder, Sergey Brin said of the Same-Sex marriage ban, “we see this fundamentally as an issue of equality.” Oops! Someone please tell Mr. Artery to stop using Google!

Levi Strauss Denim Company has been adamant about supporting gay rights since the 1990s. The companywithdrew their financial support from the Boy Scouts because BSA has refused to admit openly gay leaders or scouts. We’re not sure if Mr. Artery is a 501 Original guy or if he prefers the 517 Slim – either way, we bet $58.00 he wouldn’t put up a fight for a new pair!

Maybe GLAAD should put out an ad telling all LGBT to recycle their politicized dark wash.

Speaking of being in the wrong business Progressive Insurance has been widely vocal about gay rights. Their website boasts, “We have maintained a 100 percent Corporate Equality Index score from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the largest LGBT advocacy group in the U.S.”

So, to all those people dressing up their argument with the, “stay out of politics and equality issues!” tag line, we aren’t buying it.

This isn’t about principle; this is about silencing the religious beliefs of a majority of Americans because they disagree with you. This is about muzzling religious liberties and free speech under the guise of “intolerance”.

August 1st proved that Americans on the whole are sick of being told, “You can’t say that. You can’t believe that – because you’re a Christian.”

It also proved that most Americans like religious liberty and free market capitalism with their Chikin.