Monday, August 6, 2012


By Gordon Bishop
    The Obama Machine, with its roots deep in the corrupt political culture of Chicago, is willing to break the rules in order to hold onto power for another four years.
    The Obama Administration is aggressively pursuing plans behind closed doors to enact "stealth" amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in a move to curry favor with Hispanic voters--and potentially make it easier for illegal aliens to break the law and vote in 2012.
    "In fact, the Obama White House just told Congress that it would not deport millions of aliens here illegally," according to Judicial Watch (email: info@judicial
    Leaked documents from the Obama Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirm that the Obama gang is using "administrative measures" to implement piecemeal amnesty for million of illegal aliens without consulting Congress or the American people.
    Even though enacting a radical change in our immigration laws without congressional debate and action is potentially unconstitutional!
    But that's not stopping the Obama crowd.
    Millions of voters who supported Obama in 2008 deserted him and his open-border friends in Congress in 2010, so the Obama gan is desperate to attract new voters.
    What better way than to increase support among Hispanic voters by granting "backdoor amnesty to millions of illegal aliens already here!"
    As amnesty takes hold, it will be far easier to insinuate "undocumented" individuals into the voting booths next November!
    The Obama mob is committed to their politically-driven amnesty agenda that documents recently obtained from DHS will prove not only did Obama officials skirt congressional authority by implementing a plan in Texas to suspend the deportation of illegal aliens--but then they lied about it when they got caught.
    And now, the Obama Administration is going full throttle with the stealth amnesty plan and has set Washington on a course to a potential Constitutional Crisis!
    That's not all! The Obama Administration is continuing to funnel tax dollars to the corrupt and criminal ACORN crowd, the most motorious "voter registration group in American history: Violating a law signed by Barack Obama himself!
    I'm sure you  remember ACORN--the radical group of "community activists" who specialized in "voter registration" drives designed to undermine the election process.
    In the 2008 election cycle along, ACORN submitted 1.3 million voter registration applications--and 400,000 were rejected.
    Election officials discovered that ACORN was routinely registering individuals multiple times, filing bogus forms under names like Mickey Mouse, and registering illegal aliens!
    Seventeen states launched criminal investigations of ACORN. Prosecutions led to convictions of ACORN workers in some of these states. And on August 10th, a Neveda judge handed down the maximum fine to an ACORN affiliate for its role in a massive violation of voter registration laws.
    At sentencing, the judge said that if an individual, instead of a corporation had been hauled before him, he would have handed down a 1--year prison sentence--"and I wouldn't have thought twice about it," he said.
   Government documents showed the Obama White House, despite earlier denials, had invited ACORN to participate as an "Executive Partner in the 2110 Census!
    When the public found out, it created such a firestorm that the Census Bureau was forced to drop ACORN from "helping" them with the Census.
    Barack Hussien Obama was the lawyer representing ACORN during his lawyer years in Chicago.
    I have yet to know why the U.S. Supreme Court or Congress haven't impeached -- and then convicted--the most corrupt President in the history of the United States.
    And why is he still sitting in the White House, pretending to be "President" when he's not even an American citizen.
    When Obama ran for President, he told the world that he wants to be the World's President.
    Hmmmmm...sounds like another dictator named Adolph Hitler, who lost World War 2--and then killed himself in a German bunker.
(Gordon Bishop is a national award-winning author, historian, syndicated columnist, and New Jersey's First "Journalist-of-the-Year"--1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1845.)