Thursday, August 2, 2012

Power to the Middle Class comrade

Gary Bray

So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas. ‘Put this money to work,’ he said, ‘until I come back.’ Luke 19:13

My source inside the White House has verified they are in complete meltdown mode as America was given a clear view inside the WH Occupier’s head. He says he will not do it again although many inside the campaign believe his latest love of small business may be too little too late. His three year vilification far outweighs his latest love of free enterprise and even it is hedged with large doses of Middle Class against the wealthy so they question the effectiveness at fooling the Independents they need to fool. He knows he needs those empty headed women who elected him last election so they are going all in on female White guilt.

What the managers of his election are dealing with is the complete lack of trust the American people have in him or his policies. He and his campaign spokesmen in the media are attempting to tell the people and business he did not mean the Federal Gummit owns everything you worked your entire life for. What they are finding in the polls which are beginning to resemble the Grecian Stock Market is people actually understand his comments on a deeper level than just the words. They understood the way he said it and his body language as he spoke to his fellow America haters. His words were spit from his mouth as he mocked the small businessman just as he likely did in his ACORN and Columbia days, as he impugned the American dream. He hates the American dream and loves communist slavery since he is finally the slave master.

What the internals are showing according to my source is Americans understand he hates America and free enterprise right down to his bones. He believes America is fundamentally flawed and is guilty of crimes against humanity with its conquering the Indian as well as slavery. They understand he thinks America is too wealthy and he is doing something about that. People inside the White House have become worried he is becoming a walking talking commie lib cliché. His latest commercial is polling even worse than the original statement as it was supposed to explain how he didn’t mean to say what he believed rather than keeping it hidden behind code phraseology like Middle Class or Fairness and Equality. All his commie supporters get tingly with those phrases as they know it is the new communist marketing of the old Marxist power to the Proletariat chant. These are dog whistles for the underground communist party which runs the DNC.

His latest commercial is polling very poorly although the tone of it focuses well on women it loses men when he indicates he is going to punish the rich to grow the middle class. He claims he can grow the economy on the backs of the middle class while punishing the evil rich. He doesn’t explain how the middle class magically create jobs or why we need to be further divided in classes. The campaign people expected a bump from those in the middle class but they are not impressed with his continued picking winners and losers as well as the fuzzy explanation of who the so called middle class are. Once again it comes across as cronyism as he decides who is going to succeed rather than the free market. This is classic socialism as he or the gummit determines who will succeed by political determinations rather than finding a void, filling it and making a living off of that product or service, he simply doesn’t understand and never will.

What he and and all of the Democrat campaigns are suffering from is the exposure and display of its commie roots. People are beginning to identify, expose and discuss the weakness and tyranny of Stalinist style communism and are seeing it throughout our gummit and society. They see the roadblocks and regulations that strangle the free market as well as the individual homeowner from DC to San Fran. They are disgusted with the tyrants saying Chic-fil-A can’t express his opinion or the outlawing of foods and drinks in NY. They understand that DeathCare is a giant step towards nationalized healthcare which would fundamentally change America and its healthcare system becoming a corrupt political machine. They see PravdABC as the messengers of communism and discount it accordingly making it less effective at moving opinion. The fact there is no difference between the New York Times, ABDNCBS, Reuters, AP and MSDNC, they may as well have the same writers as they are all pushing the same agenda and everyone knows it. They represent the opinion of the most extreme 5% as 95% of America simply shakes their heads at the lunacy they promote. The media may very well be the most corrupt organization in America and that is saying something.

So now the main discussion in the WH and DNC strategists in Rockefeller Tower is will communism be able to continue to hide its façade? They are all wondering if it will be possible in the future with the internet to continue to fool America. They are depressed they were not able to do damage control on his you didn’t make that happen comment like they could with the “Spread the wealth around,” last election. This one is really defining him. They are extremely concerned the uncooked polls are beginning to mirror the 2010 massacre as people are looking to turn the other direction and limit the control of gummit and their Party will pay the price.

They are worried people are looking for freedom from their so called health protecting regulations and once those people and the engine America gets wind of that freedom the DNC will become a relic. What would happen to the communist Party if the economy began to recover with the slightest deregs from our gummit? They are terrified of the economic boom that would occur from cheap energy and their boot being removed from the economy. If the people put the cause and effect together with the help of the internet it would be the beginning of the end for the District of Communism and the start of a free new America. The only question then is what do you do with an aging central planner? Perhaps some capitalist entrepreneur will open a shuttle from DC to Cuba and let them retire in their workers’ paradise. With Castro being dead thirty, they could use a young new dictator with experience in destroying economies, Bon Voyage Barak and power to the Cuban middle class!

Pray for America