Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan Changes Everything

Gary Bray

Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his Work to this very day, and I, too, am Working.” John 5:17

Celebration time come on! We have one of our own on the ticket which you must give Romney a lot of credit for doing. Paul Ryan is a Tea Party guy who is willing to take on the Turd Rail of politics and tell the truth about Social Security and Medicare. This is Mitt Romney taking the battle straight to the heart of the war with no fear of the consequences. For someone who has been labeled Wimp Romney for not responding to the vicious attacks by the Chicago Machine he has forced the debate right on the last place they wanted it to be, the economy. The selection of Ryan highlights two weaknesses of the Ocommie campaign, his lack of economic understanding and Bobo Biden.

Last week Obama was having a big problem raising campaign cash so they ordered the media to cook some phony poll numbers to bring the donors back. It was beginning to work with last week’s batch of cooked numbers which were heavily Dem as well as voters rather than likely which gave cover for the Obamamedia to make exaggerated claims of an Obama surge. Of course there is no Tea Party or outrage by Republicans over how they have been treated by the coalition, no it’s 2008 all over again for PravdABDNC. They will continue to spin this pick as a huge mistake when they all know it was a bold and courageous choice changing the entire direction of this election.

Paul Ryan is an even better pick than Palin in a number of areas, first and foremost is he already understands the Stone Age Press hates him and has faced them numerous times. He knows all of the questions they will be asking and how to respond to them again and again until the American people understand him. The destruction of Medicare is a fraud and he will be able to come forward and explain it was already nearly bankrupt and without changes has no chance of surviving. It is extreme need of repair which is never done thanks to the soap boxing and vilifying done by the protectors of the socialist status quo. Ryan’s plan which was co-sponsored by Oregon Socialist Ron Wyden turns Medicare over to the state to manage and oversee through block grants. It certainly isn’t where it needs to go for complete market forces providing lower costs and better plans but is better than the District of Corruption handling it.

Once he explains it with the proper amount of education for the brainwashed socialists this could become an absolute winner. Ryan is by far the most articulate Conservative in and out of DC for the Tea Party. People know there is something wrong with all this gummit in their lives yet they have no idea how to remove it. The task seems too large but he can break it down to levels the voters can understand and underline it with DeathCare horror stories to remind them why they desperately need a change. If Medicare was not a failed program they would explain how ObamaCare will be just like it only bigger. After all wasn’t America supposed to be loving it by now as much as the commiemedia does?

So now we have a very powerful team of a person who knows economics and Paul Ryan who understands the District of Corruption and how to fight it. He knows the Federal budget better than anybody in the town and is basically the Newt Gingrich of our era. He has been moved from the frustration of being under the thumb of Speaker Bonehead and when they are elected will be the second most powerful man in the Country promoting his plan to make the gummit smaller and less obtrusive. While Romney can be focused on the energy production side of the economy Ryan can be taking an axe to waste and graft in the budget. He can eliminate obvious pork like PBS, Obamacare and Green energy subsidies to begin, then later go after the waste in each and every department or elimination of those like Education, Labor and the EPA. With a mandate from the people we could see a complete bulldozing of many of those bureaus whose only goal is destroying American success.

This is shaping up to be a landslide of historic proportions. Even for those of us who could not stand the Romney nomination he not only made a great executive choice he broke tradition and chose before the convention. This shows bold and smart leadership as he went with the most qualified rather than the one who would get the most electoral votes. He didn’t pander to a certain minority group or State which was the advice of most political managers. Rather than taking the prudent or political pick he went with the most qualified person in the country to guide us past the Obama Train wreck. This speaks very well of Romney as someone who is not afraid to surround himself with people who have skills he has or are more charismatic than he is. This decision bodes well for his Presidency and cabinet showing he has the fortitude to surround himself with those who will put America first which is a good sign for most Conservative’s last choice. He is Wimp Romney no more.

Pray for America