Saturday, August 25, 2012


Millions of Americans and quite possibly billions around the world are still struggling to understand the Soetoro phenomenon that took place in 2008. I confess to being one of them.

You’ve read my articles (one can hope) and if so, you’ve noticed that I commented on the totally imbalanced War of Independence and how truly inexplicable was the outcome. Let’s face it, the rebels were outnumbered, overpowered by much stronger forces infinitely better armed and supplied.

Although I’m far from being a “Bible Thumper,” I have pointed out at the hand of the Divine Providence, helping and protecting the future Americans during their war. It just makes sense to me. The insurgents were not completely comparable to “les sans culottes” of the French Revolution with their pitches and forks, but they were close to them. Do you see my point?

Well, I got to think of another totally inexplicable event of modern times, the arrival of Barry Soetoro to the White House, in spite of his absolute lack of even a shadow of qualifications for the job, and it dawned on me.

This time it couldn’t be the divine intervention, for it will never support evil. It had to be Satan’s hand!

O.K., I know, you’re thinking: “Well, there you go again,” and I don’t blame you. But open your mind for a moment, will you?

It is now clear for most Americans that what Barry Soetoro did in 2008 is inexplicable. If I’m not mistaken, 69,456, 897 people voted (I’m not sure how many of them didn’t have the right to vote) for the Democrats, with Barry Soetoro a. k. a. Barack Obama, scoring 365 electoral votes vs. McCain’s 173.

Do you realize what this means? It means that 69,456,897 voters did not see the obvious inconsistencies and contradictions surrounding Barack Obama, in spite of all the signs that were obvious to many of us. Is this “collective hypnosis”? Was there an evil force pulling a blindfold on all those voters to catapult an unknown, unproven, anti-American into the White House?

Same goes for the primaries, 365 electoral votes went to Obama and not to the experienced John McCain. I know that there were some human forces that intervened in the outcome, but that overwhelming victory of what has already been proven as an evil president, is too much.

The results of such blunder is as Satan expected, the gradual destruction of the American way of life and if we’re not smart enough, the blindfold will come down again on those voters and the collective stupidity will be at work again!

Once more, I’m no Bible Thumper, but it seems to me that some Bible predictions point at a number of things that ought to happen before Armageddon. Take a look at your copy to see what they are and look at how many of them are now taking place.

We’re witnessing the most vicious campaign of our lifetimes, with the actual dirt and lies coming from the Obama team. Not just that, people like me who disagree with the chaos brought about by the messiah, are also vilified and called names by the Marxists in charge.

Today, a Texas Judge is warning of the possibility of civil war in the USA again. That I did about four years ago.

Well-informed sources within the military seem to warn of preparations for Martial Law being organized, by a disgruntled losing president. What will be the response of those who love freedom? I think you can predict that as well as I can.

Stay tuned.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero