Thursday, August 2, 2012


I doubt that there is any other political movement with as many flip-floppers as the American party of the left, nowadays controlled by a pack of Marxists.

One wonders if the Soetoro team is doing it on purpose or if they, collectively, lack the brains to run a hotdog stand, let alone the government. The fact is that they, in my humble opinion (Dems, please look-up the word “humble,” I know you don’t know the meaning of it), seem to be committing political suicide.

Either that or, the cheating is so guarantee, that they feel that the ski is the limit and they can get away with murder (Andrew Breitbart just popped into my mind!). It could be just simple desperation and the frustration of not having challenged Obama with… Hillary? Before the start of the campaign; now they are stuck with him.

I’m aware that the illegal president doesn’t think that America is a Christian Nation anymore; Judging by his choice of brand of Christianity in Chicago, we’re not surprised! Given his Muslim leanings, and anti-Israel sentiments, I can understand him better.

One thing is puzzling me though. Why is he making so many mistakes so far into the campaign? Is he pushing the envelope to provoke the riots he’ wishing for, so he can finally impose Martial Law? Is he “just losing it? The last possible alterative: could he be that stupid?

First, he’s against abortion; now, he’s in favor of homosexual “marriage.” Does Obama know that, in spite of all the efforts by corrupt schools, corrupt teachers etc., the number of homosexuals remains at about 2% of the total population? Does he know that s very small number of those is active for their cause, with the overwhelming majority of them, just wishing to be left alone with their problem?

I’m convinced that he doesn’t really know that those who think like him are not the majority, but the minority and, that America still is (perhaps after almost four years of Obama, more so than ever) a country with a majority Conservative.

The so much talked about HOPE by Obama, is turning out that most Americans hope he will be defeated come November, in spite of all the dirty tricks, the cheating, the registering of dead dogs as voters, and all the queer things these Marxists will pull on Americans in this election.

The efforts by all in the administration, to do away with the second amendment (the first one already in the sac), gets every freedom loving American so riled-up, that it will get them to the polls in droves. In fact, nothing could motivate those right-leaning voters to go to the polls against Obama, than the aberrations he’s coming up with lately.

Me thinks this is part of the “…fundamentally change The United States of America” promise of 2008. Poor Obama supporters who didn’t understand the extent to which those words would take the nation! Will they still vote for him? I doubt it.
Does that mean that there is still HOPE for CHANGE? The whole world (except the Marxists and the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood) is counting on it.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero