Monday, August 6, 2012

Chick-fil-A vs Communism

Gary Bray

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his WORK. John 4:34

The Chick-fil-A attacks once again exposed how tolerant those commie libs are of everyone except those who dare to disagree with their world view. Here we have an owner who simply said what 80% of people think about homosexual marriage and the entire liberal establishment has a collectivist bash-a-thon. We all know it really wasn’t so much as what he said as it was the fact that he is a Christian and all Christians are racist, sexist, homophobes. We all know communists hate Christians since the Bible stands in the way of their gummit god which is what we are seeing. The Bible says homosexuality is a sin so it is a sin. It also says to love the sinner but hate the sin but the world says to love the sin too which is the conflict.

This isn’t about homosexual rights or protecting a person’s so called right to marry, it is about furthering their socialist agenda. This is simply being used as the old liberal consensus promoting their tolerance to make them feel less depressed about themselves. Since they are all atheists and have no real beliefs or morality they have to prove they are better than others by promoting ideas like homosexuality to prove they have evolved their thought when in reality they have devolved it. This is about inventing another weapon of commie lib PC groupthink attempting to destroy an American citizen for the crime of Christian intolerance. How can anyone not want two people who love each other to get married, even though they promote living together for young people?

They are once again promoting their unhealthy lifestyle both physically and mentally that leads to death and despair. The homosexual male lifestyle has a twenty year shorter lifespan which is marked by poor health and massive depression. He is exposed through sex to Hepatitis A & C, syphilis, Mononucleosis, AIDS, and a range of other VD due to the act itself and numbers of sex partners. They are a small minority however you have to really dig to find in any way they are discriminated against so they bring out the marriage argument. This minority earns roughly 150% of the national average thanks to coming from upper income families while exploiting the corrupt affirmative action laws throughout the country. This is their need to continue the extortion of American business, academia and social status using an imagined bigotry.

Homosexuals enjoy the benefits of an oppressed group without any of the suffering. How difficult is it to be so oppressed you have to suffer with an average income of over 75K while given sainthood status? Many have above average skills to justify those incomes however there are many who use their liberal elitist class to acquire affirmative advancement and the ballooned salaries to meet gummit diversity mandates which have nothing to do with performance. By affirmative action mandates, someone doing something abnormal in their bedroom is rewarded more than people who don’t perform homosexual acts. These people are doing nothing more than protecting their corrupt turf by claiming they are something they are not. By their definition shouldn’t everybody having abnormal sexual behaviors be given affirmative action benefits?

For a liberal, being tolerant is the ultimate purity and being intolerant is an unforgivable sin which requires condemnation. If you go to a liberal party the first people they will introduce you to is the homosexual couple to declare how tolerant and sanctified they are. The only thing better than being a tolerant person, is being a member of an oppressed group which is why they are always finding and promoting those groups. Communists need to have oppressed groups to keep people needing the gummit to protect them from the masses. As long as they look for the gummit rather than their own individual abilities they elevate the gummit to a godlike status and are willing to give up their own freedom for that believed protection.

Every atheistic gummit needs to reach that godlike status so people will begin worshiping them rather than God or the Bible. Once they have God removed from the country then you can promote your own morality and beliefs while tearing down the beliefs and morals of a society which hold it together spiritually. Marxist progressives hate God and Christians with every fiber of their being due to their need to eliminate it. If there is no God or heaven nothing keeps people from allowing gummit from complete and absolute control of their lives, finances and future. Without the 10 Commandments there is no Truth or Lies only a fuzzy Moral Relativism allowing a gummit to decide right and wrong or who lives and dies where and when. Now the gummit has decided it is wrong to give your Bible based opinion on homosexual marriage. They have decided Free Speech no longer exists.

This is at the heart of the war between socialism and God. If they can make it a crime to not marry a homosexual couple it will force pastors to choose between God and jail. They will then eliminate most of the teachings of the church that they find distasteful and turn the churches into the new schools of progressivism just like they had in the Soviet Union, China and every other backwards communist dictatorship. The Bible teaches freedom to choose to follow the Lord and self responsibility as well as how to live your life consistent with its teachings. Socialism teaches slavery to a master tyrant and being forced to live your life under that tyranny in a completely empty and hopeless atheistic existence. It worships man and is explained by a nameless faceless evolutionary beginning with man being the top of that evolution so man decides right and wrong, good and bad, life and death just as we are seeing with the hatred against Chick-fil-A, the Tea Party, Miss America, Sarah Palin and every other person who dares to step in the way of their communist agenda. The ends justifies their disgusting means thanks to moral relativism.

This has nothing to do about freedom for homosexuals just as Birmingham had nothing to do with freedom of Blacks; it is about using a wedge to promote Marxism. They are simply grabbing another club to feign outrage against an invented oppression to further destroy Freedom and Liberty for most Americans. It is an attack on Christianity and the Churches without pointing directly at them for fear of the fallout that would occur. They see the Soviet Union as their perfect Utopia and are doing everything they can to install each and every pillar of that system of gummit into America. Chick-fil-A is simply being used as an example to other corporations of what will happen if you dare to go against the liberal doxology and a threat you will be turned into a corporate villain. Hopefully, the corporate world is beginning to understand the groupthink numbers have been inflated and those lines for chicken burgers can happen for them if they stand with the majority against the elite communist minority. This was not about homophobia, it was the heart of the war between capitalism and communism, good and evil and good won.

Pray for America

Thank You