Tuesday, July 10, 2012


O.K. folks, enough about Obama! Some will say: “it’ about time!” But wait! As long as an illegal president is in the White House, no one can stop talking or writing about him! All right, why the heading then?

Simple. I don’t know who’s advising Governor Romney and I know I have told you before that he’s not my choice, but he is the presumptive candidate and I also said that every decent person in the world must back him all the way to the White House.

Modern Democrats (Hypocrats) are Marxists and we have a myriad of things in which we can and must disagree with them. One thing they’re not is stupid; another one is honest. So we have to accept the facts and act accordingly.

Lying, for the New (Improved?) Marxist/Democrats is a way of life; they wouldn’t know what to do without it, thus we can expect anything from them and so does Romney. What I don’t understand though, is why the Governor’s advisors are not telling him to hit-back with full strength.

It is obvious that the Soetoro team is using everything they can imagine and then some, to try to make Mitt Romney look as the bad guy who doesn’t want to help the “disadvantaged.” That’s why poor little me, would suggest to the Governor that, instead of fighting the Marxists aberrations, he should say that they don’t go far enough. Asking for more than Obama is willing to give (what the heck, he’d take it all back if he were back in power), would put the shoe on the other foot! Then, who’d look like the bad guy?

The lefties who control the Democratic Party nowadays, are trying to make the Governor look like he hates the poor, while in fact, it is the Marxists who hate the poor, probably because they don’t have much money to give them.

So, every time the repulsive lefties make a statement making it look like they care for the middle and lower classes, Republicans should insist on giving them a bigger break.

As far as the attacks on the Governor and the demands that he shows his tax returns, something like “I’ll show those documents after the current president shows all the documents that have been asked of him,” may be a winner.

The gall of those Marxists! They demand transparency from the other side while, in spite of the firm promises made by Obama, he’s been the least transparent of all the Presidents since the beginning.

We must remember the many bounties God has granted the USA since the Declaration of Independence and be thankful for them, yet, we must also realize that the bounties stopped the moment Americans allowed the governments to set God aside in schools and in the homes.

As you know, I always sign-off with my usual “God Bless America!” even though I wonder why would God bless a country that has abandoned Him and even prohibits mentioning His name in many places.

Perhaps if the whole world, or at least the USA, sent the Marxists to hell, where they belong, and asked for forgiveness, God may turn His attention to America once more!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero