Monday, July 16, 2012


News Alert to the still persistent Obamanites! The USA is now a tyranny, and therefore, supporting Obama does not qualify as loyalty, but as stupidity!

A federal Judge in Ney York, has decreed, that the Fire Department as to have quotas for minorities. Now look at the facts.

The Judge ruled that two of every five (40%) of the force, must be black and one of five, Hispanic. It shows how pathetic are the Judges mathematics, since the numbers are out of whack with the population numbers.

For example, the number of people who identified as black, either alone or in combination with one or more other races, in the 2010 Census. They made up 13.6 percent of the total U.S. population. This is a far cry from the 40% demanded by the Federal Commissar!

Oh, don’t worry, the numbers are even more out of whack with the Hispanic/Latino population; they are 50,477,494 (more than blacks) and his Commissarship only requires one out of five of them, to fill the MANDATED quota.

My figures are based on the last census, and they show unequivocally, that the Commissar hasn’t got a clue of the real numbers, or the meaning of equality and fairness. And he’s a Federal Judge?

Of course, I’m assuming that the Commissar wants to be fair and equitable!

So, America, the beacon of freedom for the whole world, just about sixty years ago, is now the beacon of the New, Improved, American-Kremlin. Someone nearby, please visit the Founding Fathers’ graves to see if they’re still intact!

I haven’t even talked about quotas, which are another issue. Equality and fairness are two wonderful words and I approve wholeheartedly of both but the word “quotas” is another cattle of fish.

Quotas are a complete reverse discrimination practice. It does nothing to solve a problem when there’s a problem. Blacks have painfully and too slowly, won their rightful place in American society. The proportionate distribution of jobs cannot be legislated, because it will inevitably cause more discrimination. It is an educational goal that we all must achieve.

Now, when it comes to Police and Firefighters, the goal must be to obtain the most apt and qualified of all people, to fill the vacancies. Color, faith, gender, etc. must be out of the picture, for safety reasons.

The people in charge of the management of both professions, whatever may be their color, have been trusted with selecting the best recruits possible and, until they have proven to be incompetent, they should be left alone making decisions, as they should.

This also applies to all other professions which is why, Americans will have a chance to choose a President November 6.

The Commissar referred to above, even wants to allow back pay totaling about $128.7 million, for minorities who failed written tests!

I think I had failed a couple of tests in my youth, could I claim back pay for them? It could be a nice tidy sum!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero