Friday, July 27, 2012


Today I would like to clarify some points that, even the small percentage of existing decent media, appears to misunderstand. 


Many people, especially in the Romney campaign, are using terms like “in his own words,” meaning in Obama’s words. This is useless for two reasons: 

a)     a) Obama doesn’t have a word (of honor) like you and me do.

b)    b) Obama is a compulsive liar. 

The president cannot be trusted in the least; as it has already been proven, Barry Soetoro cannot have even his own name straight, as he has used more than one in his life. He’s lied about his place of birth and is using a Connecticut Social Security number that was not assigned to him, or so it seems. 

Barry, as most people under the Peter Principle, is not intelligent enough to do things by himself and, like most in his case, compensates with lies. He’s addicted to lies. He is like the proverbial bad car salesman telling a customer “this car was driven by a little old lady who only used it on Sundays to go to Church.” 

The same bad salesman will turn around, as Obama does, and say the opposite to another customer about the same car: “…it was driven only on the highway, by a professional driver who changed the oil regularly.” 

Obama will say whatever it takes to “make the sale.” That’s what compulsive liars do. They are addicted to lying and cannot live without doing it. It is called dishonesty. 

“Spooky Dude” knew this, which is why he placed Valerie Jarrett in total control of the White House. Smart guy “Spooky Dude”! 

Once Barry is unscripted and without Teleprompters, he is lost and sounds awfully like the ignorant that he is. Remember, he visited during the 2008 campaign, 57 states and had a few more to go. I guess they didn’t’ teach much American geography in Indonesia! 

Republicans/Tea Partiers. 

Everyone knows that all Conservatives want dirty air, dirty water, will throw Granny down the cliff, are racists, bigots, and all those awful things. Amazingly enough, we Conservatives don’t say the same thing about ALL Democrats even though many bad things of which the Dems accuse us of, would apply to many of them. We just don’t generalize, knowing full well that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by unscrupulous Marxists of the worse kind. 

The Race Card 

The Jurassic media, the Obama team and quite a few members of the Black Community are, shamelessly using the race card to distract the American public from the horrendous record of the worst president ever. Shame! Race has nothing to do with this race!  Oh, just in case you’re one of those using the race card, I was cheering for Herman Cain! 

The military 

The president is not cutting the military budget to save America from bankruptcy; he’s cutting it because he hates (and apologizes for) the success of the military and the hegemony of the USA in the world up to his inauguration. But what the heck, he hates America anyway! 

I know what you’re thinking and I don’t have enough room in this article to argue my point. Just look at Barry’s record up to now! 

The facts are clear. In order to follow the Marxist plan that was laid in front of Obama’s eyes and, to which he agreed before he ran for president, Barry had to accommodate the environazis and make sure there will be no more drilling for oil or gas, that the coal industry will be destroyed, and that extremely expensive, non-viable synthetic fuel would be produced and, forced upon the military. 

Are you getting this? The military budget is sliced so America will be more vulnerable to its enemies, but they have to purchase synthetic fuel for $59.00/gallon instead of the current $3.50/ gallon. Makes sense? It sure does if you wish to destroy the America the whole world envied for so long! 

Oops! I almost forgot. An Obama mega donor produces the fuel the military HAS TO BUY! 

Another anomaly of the Soetoro administration: There will be no more drilling for oil or natural gas in the parts of the U.S. controlled by the federal government, but this corrupt administration, which is as broke as they come, still has money to lend to Brazil, so they can drill in their offshore areas, in the same ocean that American companies are forbidden to drill within American waters! 

In a way, I’m happy that these aberrations of the most corrupt administration ever in the old USA are coming to light, because Barry Soetoro is the best helper Governor Romney could ever HOPE for, to get the CHANGE we all want. Get it? 

The Soetoro team is not having good times these days, for which I’m thrilled. They are making one huge mistake after another, like the continuous attacks on Governor Romney based, of course, of pure falsities. They have backfired big time and Mitt Romney is the winner for it! Keep it up guys! 

Jurassic media 

Since the primaries prior to the 2008 election, the Jurassic media has been an accomplice prior, during and after the fact, to the illegitimate election of the Imposter-in-Chief. Guys, you better start backpedalling in case your worse fear (justified in my view) materializes and Governor Romney gets elected. He could decide to implement the “Fairness Doctrine” with a twist: every time the Marxist media omits, fabricates or ignores the truth, they must provide enough room for free ten days in a row, so that Conservatives can do what they neglected to do!

God Bless America! 

Joseph A. Gamero