Monday, July 2, 2012


Mr. “Unifier” has turned out Mr. Divider. As I’ve pointed out many times before, the Clown is hiding another personality behind his make-up. 

I’ll make it as clear as I can, this time. Anyone voting for the Liar-in-Chief is as un-American as he is! Everything Barry Soetoro has said from the beginning is either a lie or a twisted half-truth, with one exception: he told all of us that he would “fundamentally transform the USA.” He sure has! 

The one, who was going to end patronage and lobbying, has appointed all his “friends” and controllers to the highest positions available, under the direction of the Puppet-Master. He has distributed the “Stimulus” (disincentive) money among his pals and contributors, regardless of the chances of success they had. That is simply a careless disrespect for the taxpayer’s money as well as another way of buying votes and contributions. 

Of late, he has managed to create a constitutional crisis of enormous proportions and, in anticipation of the potential results, he gave himself, by Executive Order, the powers to name himself the dictator he always dreamt to be so he can give “le coup de grace” to what once was the greatest power in the world and the remaining beacon of freedom. 

You have to understand that the Marxists, above anyone else, hate freedom. With personal freedom, they cannot control “We The People,” so freedom has to go. 

And they say “WE” won the cold war! Nonsense! The whole world has fallen into the claws of Marxism although with a difference from the past. You see, Marxists are many things (all bad) but they are not stupid. They finally recognized that the only reason they could not control the world, was the fierce opposition of “We The People.” 

Now, in view of the strength of “We The People,” they had to weakened the USA and the only way to do that, was to burdened them with such an un-payable debt, that they would be at the mercy of their creditors. Simple? You bet! 

In spite of that, the super strength of the military, made it very difficult to take total control, so they proceeded to weaken the military and the rest is history. They are now in a position to finally “fundamentally transform (destroy) the USA” unless YOU STOP THEM! 

When people don’t have any hope left, they tend to hang on to whatever or whomever offers them some hope, however deem it might be, thus, Obama’s infinite mentions of “hope and change” during the 2008 election. 

Now, finally, “We The People” came to the conclusion that the Idol has feet of clay and are saying: “there is no hope (with Obama) and you can keep the change”! 

Regardless of what the Soetoro-influenced Supremos have voted on, Obama care is not only unconstitutional; it is also as illegal as the phony president is. 

a)             The 2,600 or so pages were written so the members of both Houses could not possibly have the time, or the training to read them or understand their contents.

b)            To make sure everyone knew it had to pass without reading it, the “brightest” Speaker of the House ever, Nancy Pelosi, said it clearly: “You have to pass it so you can find out what is in it”! (The amazing thing is that she continued to hold the gable after that remark. Isn’t America great?)

c)            The Commerce clause cannot support the Un-Affordable Healthcare Act, so it should be null and void. It appears that Nullification might be the result of this aberration, and several Governors have already declared that they will not accept it. So much for unifying the states!

d)            It was promulgated by an illegal “president.”

e)             Obama appointed two justices who, regardless of qualifications or lack thereof, were illegally placed in the court by the fact that Barry Soetoro doesn’t qualify for the office.

From the above and many more arguments available, we know that the aberration has to go, pronto! 
What frighten me the most are the preparations of this administration to declare Martial Law and violently take over the reins of the nation “a la Hitler.” For those who will, no doubt, accuse me of conspiracy theories, I will refer them back to my articles on the Obama fiasco from day one. My batting average is pretty good if I may say so myself. 

It looks to me like this anti-American president will stop at nothing to impose Marxism in the USA at any cost. He knows the danger of Civil War and, me thinks, he is prepared to tae the risk.

God Bless (and help) America!

Joseph A. Gamero