Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pedophile Priest Battery-Vigilantism or Justice?

by Rev. Austin Miles

Antioch, California 7/8/12) Yesterday's headlines proclaimed in highlighted caps: "LYNCH ACQUITTED IN PRIEST BEATING." John Lynch had been brought to trial for beating Catholic Priest Jerold Linder who had molested and raped Lynch when he was a little boy as well as his little brother who was 4 years old.

Homosexual rape is so violent that it rips the inside of the rectum, leaving raw nerves exposed resulting in continual excruciating pain. Making matters worse, that pervert made Lynch perform oral sex on his little brother as Linder watched.

Lynch tried to tell people but nobody listened. After all, a priest would never do such things. Finally, two years ago Lynch visited the so-called priest to talk to him about the molestations and rape when he and his brother were children.

Linden seemed to sneer as Lynch tried to talk to him and ask for an acknowledgment and apology. That sneer was the match that lit the fuse.

Lynch flew into Linder and punched him out. That would be the only justice in that case. Justice had never happened before, and since the Statute of Limitations had run out, it was obvious that the deviant priest would never be charged or held accountable.

Three days before the above news story, another was printed with the headline: "Parents Say Abuse Drove Son to Suicide." (Contra Costa Times:7/4/12).

Homosexual rape has a lifelong effect on all its victims. In this case it was a U.C. Berkeley student who was sexually abused by a doctor at the university-run health care facility.

Dr. Robert Kevess would do countless 'medical exams' using that pretext to exercise his uncontrollable lusts. Elgin Stafford, his victim, overtaken by nightmares, shame, humiliation and anger, reached a breaking point and took his own life on March 29th.

University officials stated that "We just did not see any warning signs." The best preventative is to start looking for those signs.

The horrendous cases of Catholic priests molesting and raping little boys has been staggering. The Catholic Church is not to blame, the church is valid. It is the administration that looked the other way when candidates for seminary displayed mannerisms consistent with perverts.

These clues are reason to exclude anyone from studying for the priesthood--now gays, cut it out. This is not about you. A pervert is ANY person that sexually abuses a child to satisfy a deviant lust upon children. Now stop it!

It is not a RIGHT to be accepted into seminary or, ordained as a priest or minister of the Gospel. Candidates should be qualified and exhibit an exemplary life coupled with unquestionable morals. Nothing less can be accepted..

These latest cases erupted while the embers were still smoldering over Pennsylvania State University Coach Jerry Sandusky's child rape case.

Lynch risked 4 years in prison for slugging that degenerate by refusing a 'plea deal.' He just wanted the misdeeds of that 'priest' to be made public. The jury rightfully acquitted him.

Had I been there when he pummeled that priest, I would have helped him. Not just because of the child molestations, but because he defiled the collar he wore as a priest. How could he?

Lynch plans to start an organization to help sex abuse victims and to eliminate the Statute of Limitations for such sexual criminals. There should be no time limit to file a complaint. The victim is given a lifetime sentence after being molested and raped, causing such upheaval in a life that it caused a student to commit suicide this week.

It is to be noted that defense attorneys for Lynch, Pat Harris and Paul A. Mones took this case pro bono and next plan to file for Linden to face perjury charges for telling the court under oath that he did not commit this crime against children.

END NOTE: Heterosexuals represent the largest community in society, Homosexuals represent the smallest. According to the Atlanta Center for Disease Control, the percentage of child molesters in each of these groups is startling.