Sunday, July 8, 2012


I’d like to find out who the real outsourcers are. For example, we know that every expert has declared that the Marxist-controlled Democrats are a bunch of liars and we expect that of them. They said that Governor Romney, while working for Bain, had exported jobs outside the U.S.A. Well, the experts called them liars and they couldn’t refute that.

Now, I ask you, of all the jobs in the USA, which one is the most important, at least in principle? The job of Commander-in-Chief, you say? You know, you might be right which is why I’ll ask you the next question: Why would the Democrats find it inevitable to get an illegal alien to fill such a job and why did they need the complicity of the horrendously biased Jurassic media to hide all the bad things they knew about Barry Soetoro and his past?

Is this an admission that the Marxist-controlled Democrats don’t have anyone in their ranks capable of doing the job? Judging by the past experiences, I do understand their predicament. I mean, look at some of their members of both houses, and better yet, all three of them.

Incidentally, I was watching Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on T.V. and, as I suspected for a while, on a per minute basis, I think she can lie faster than the illegal president any day of the week.

Why is it that the current Dems, have such an aberration for the truth? Thomas Jefferson was the opposite and so were the members of his party. But those were other times and the Marxists had not infiltrated, let alone taken over the party.

I’m not a cruel man so, I feel a bit of sympathy for those true and committed Democrats, who are not yet contaminated by Marxism. My advice to them is that they vote Republican this time around or until they can purge their once sincere party of all the canaille that has infiltrated it. It is all for the good of the nation!
The Marxists have no record to run on, so we know that all they can do is try to destroy their opponent even libelously if need be.

On the other hand, Governor Romney doesn’t need to attack continuously the “president,” he’s his main ally and doing a bang-up job at discrediting himself. Governor, it is high time you start telling Americans what you will do to fix this situation and why it will work. It is my view that you have plenty of ammunition to use for the purpose.

If I may Governor, I think you should strongly consider Rep. Allen West as your running mate. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more honorable man.

There are, of course, plenty of other good candidates, but Rep. West has, in my view, everything you need and then some.

It is a bit dismaying to find that so many Americans have been so brain washed by the Marxists, that they now consider being rich, something people should be ashamed of instead of being proud of and trying to emulate the rich.

I know much of it is due to the despicable tactics of “the unifier” who’s now in the White House. Obama is, no doubt, the most divisive man ever to sit in the Oval Office, legally or not.

In my opinion, it is incumbent of any decent American to brush-up on what is going on and participate by demolishing the false arguments the Marxists are spreading around. It is your country and you must help save it!

Well, between now and Election Day, there will be many more reasons why I will be writing to you.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero