Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Colorado and America Burn

Gary Bray

“What do you think? There was a man who had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work today in the vineyard.’ Matt 21:28

The forest fires in Colorado represent another failure of Central Planning in all of its glory. Just as every natural or manmade disaster proves over and over, this one shows the absolute folly of the Forest Service. Every state in the west has been exposed to this massive incompetence of the Forest Service and the BLM it’s just that the loss of 50 houses which should have never been destroyed simply underscores the mismanagement of these resources. You could bet the eco-nazis were cheering the torching of every home and those were just the ones in the White House.

We are witnessing the results of an extremist policy which says man is not allowed to use the forest for any purpose let alone manage these precious commodities. No, the Forest Service says you cannot help the forest through thinning, fertilizing or harvesting; you can only leave it alone and watch it die naturally. The Dirt-First thugs have been able to manipulate our corrupt court system to prevent any management or harvest of our vast forests for fear they will cut down one of these giant plants. So naturally, when these trees grow too close together they choke each others’ water and nutrients weakening themselves making the forests more susceptible to insects and disease. This exposes large tracts of forests which are now dead and dying waiting for an ignition. This is exactly what we are seeing in Colorado and throughout the West, the absolute mismanagement of our forests by an agenda driven agency.

The Forest Service and BLM which own over 50% of the West have been overtaken by Dirt Worshipers for over three decades. This with the help of agenda driven judges have ruled in favor of junk science to make the forests into giant commie bastions which say forests should be left untouched so they can return to their pre-Whiteman days. Problem is they have been managed so well prior to this agenda that the species of trees in the forests will not naturally return to the pre-Whiteman old growth forests by themselves and will overgrow themselves. This has happened with the faster growing species such as Lodgepole Pine which will overgrow a forest choking out the slower growing ancient trees such as Ponderosa & Sugar Pine, Spruce, Douglas Fir and Larch. These are the ones the mills planted and replanted due to their size and strength making them very marketable as well as foundation trees for the forest’s health.

The Dirt First commies are religious fundamentalists who would have you believe if you harvest one tree you will kill the forest, but Forest Fires killing hundreds of square miles helps them. In a college classroom that may be correct since they always preach the healing fires that used to go through the forests killing the low growing underbrush and left the tall giants alone since those fires couldn’t get up the tree crowns to start a high crown fire which goes from tree to tree at sometimes 30 or more mph. These underbrush fires would not only clean out the underbrush, it was a low intensity fire so it would rejuvenate the ground leaving potash and nutrients as well as germinating tree seeds.

These fires do just the opposite. Since the forests have been choked out by overpopulation of the weed trees, they have become giant tinderboxes waiting for a spark. If the forest has not died the Lodgepole has grown tall enough to get the fires up into the crowns and the amount of fire material in these bug killed forests make these fires white hot and reaching temps over 2000 degrees which will sterilize the ground. These fires are so hot they kill all the bacteria and microbiology sometimes three feet into the ground. This not only kills any seeds that tend to germinate after a fire there is nothing for these trees to feed on if they were to germinate as this ground is sterilized for many think decades if not hundreds of years. There is no other cause for this manmade natural disaster than a communist agenda to keep people from making a livelihood off the resources and especially the lumber industry.

When George Bush was first elected and flew out to Oregon into the heart of the great Oregon forests outside of Bend, Dirt First came out the night before and started a forest fire in protest. This fire burned over 150 Sq miles as they bragged about what a great protest this was as it burned homes and threatened summer camps. Only when public opinion turned against them from the massive deer, bear and elk deaths did they begin denying they started the fires and came up with some campfire story. The irony is Bush’s forest idea was to let the loggers go in and harvest a massive forest fire kill on the coast which the Sierra disallowed letting the bugs and rot get them. These people do not care about the forests, only how they can control lives and communities as they take away their livelihoods. Entire communities have been devastated by these protestors as they wreck entire towns which depended on the Timber Revenues for the schools, fire, police and basic functions.

Now these once thriving towns are on a Federal Welfare program that replaces the Timber Revenues with Gummit Cheese which goes nowhere near as far as the lumber mills and royalties used to go. So the Forest Service and BLM have taken communities which used to have plenty of jobs and were net positives to the tax resources and turned them into giant negatives as they now have over 25% unemployment, alcoholism, depression and nonexistent housing markets. The Fed has absolutely destroyed some of the most quaint and livable cities in the world following a false agenda manufactured by DC, mediots and academia. The real answer to this problem is to turn these forests back to the states so they can begin re-planting and managing these lands properly. This would, if the people allowed it begin one of the biggest booms since the Gold Rush. The states could sell these forests to the private markets to care and nurture them back into shape as they once again become the finest forests in the world. There are 10s of thousands of square miles of forests in the West that need to be revived and brought alive if we had the will to do it.

The problem is for Dirt First, the Sierra Clubbers, the Forest Service and BLM it isn’t about the forests it is about destroying people and communities. They believe they know what’s best for these small mill towns and that is no mill and ideally, no town. They don’t believe anybody should make their living off the forests and they will do whatever it takes to make sure they don’t. For many like the Sierra Clubbers it is about making millions in donations and living the good life while they force the mills shut and turning thriving towns into Obamavilles. These are the most heartless people on the planet as they follow a false premise to the most extreme end for their own glory and we have the dead and burning forests to prove it. It is time to shut them out of the forests and have the real forest friends return to repair and revive them into the growing, vibrant markets they once were. We need managed forests that are thinned and cared for rather than these dying weed patches. Communism kills everything it touches which is what we are witnessing in Colorado. Colorado is a mirror image of the same disasters we have throughout our economy with the same solution, capitalism.

Pray for America