Thursday, June 28, 2012


In most cultures, the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the law. But what does one do when the bottom falls off and the Supreme Court fails to decide, based on constitutionality and, instead, decides based on emotions and partisanship?

Well, not to panic as yet, it is bad, but not insurmountable. Fortunately for America, this is an election year and “We The People,” can have the last say.

I told you a while ago that the gloves were off, so I’ll be blunt.

The Supremes may have handed you the best reason why you should NOT re-elect Obama. This dangerous and illegal president is turning America into a Soviet style tyranny, which will evolve, inevitably, into a Muslim nation with Sharia Law and the Qur’an as its constitution.

Just think of it carefully and imagine your children, grandchildren, etc. under either the Communists (just for a while) and then, radical Islam. Yep, your granddaughter will have to be fully covered from head to toes and treated like women are in every radical-Islam controlled nation.

The Supremos, have opened the door for a Marxist, Islam sympathizer, illegal president, to little by little (or may be faster than we think) force Americans to buy anything he wants and get away with it, because the Highest Court, will no longer protect the citizens.

I heard a noise this morning, which resembled those of earthquakes. I think it was the sound of the Founding Fathers turning in their graves.

Well, friends of all origins, colors, provenance and faiths, who are American citizens or aspire to be one day. This is no longer a partisan issue. It is rather an American issue. So if you’re American and love your country more than your political persuasion, you MUST vote for the Republican Party’s nominee, regardless of whether he’s your pick or not! Very seriously, THERE ‘S NO CHOICE!

Must be careful though, the current administration will stop at nothing to get the needed votes to keep Barry Soetoro in the White House! It will include any illegal thing required to get their goal. Remember, they will not apply any laws, which they disagree with.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero