Monday, June 4, 2012

Taking Congress

Gary Bray

I know your deeds, your LOVE and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first. Rev 2:19

Oh how the Hope and Change Express has transformed into a rusting piece of scrap metal waiting its turn on the junkyard of history. The entire Bama campaign has come down to “it’s still Bush’ fault”. He acts like nobody notices how the H&C Express has failed to leave the station. When you run your entire campaign around change, people begin to expect change for the better not worse. Fortunately for America he never was allowed the real socialist changes he had planned leaving a small glimmer of hope to bring real change back towards freedom. In the end Solyndra will be his Iraq, minus the witch in the ditch.

There is no doubt George Bush compromising caused this country and economy great damage. He needed to take a greater stand against much of the Rat congress he was forced to govern with. In the end however, Presidents get far more blame than they deserve when it comes to the economy since the spending always begins with congress. You can easily look at a graph of how the economy reacts around nine months after a congress is installed and it becomes close to one to one of how excessive spending destroys economic growth. In Bush’ case, he had pretty good economic policies that couldn’t get through congress and four percent unemployment until nine months after Nazi Pelosi took the gavel and the collapse happened eighteen months after her institution. She & Red Reid were the final daggers in the heart of the economy.

We have had a DNC congress running the District of Corruption for seventy years with the Repubs owning the White House as a balance. This has either forced presidents like Reagan to accept more spending and deficits than he wanted as well as smaller tax relief or in GW’s case allowed Drunk Uncle Ted to write the No Child Left Behind bill turning a good idea into another DC pork fest. This is simply one example of millions of pork projects adding up to trillions of debt rather than making the hard decisions of what is worth keeping and what should be scrapped.

Speaking of Obama’s presidency, when you have a member of the Spendocrats as President you have no governor on the money machine and you end up where we are at. We had all three branches as pure communists who believe gummit is the way to economic nirvana, when it is the path to economic collapse. We have one way back from the abyss and that is to finally get serious about cutting the size of the gummit which may not even be possible with the cast of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats we have today. Even if we elect Romney who is not what you would call a fiscal conservative and change both houses of congress we still have mountains of Pelosi laws on the books that are designed to collapse capitalism.

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Take Social Insecurity, please; to solve this economic disaster you not only would have to lower the benefits but you really need to shrink the agency. If every recipient froze their benefits, new recipients delayed going on the program and those who could afford simply dropped off you would still have a massive program heading for bankruptcy. The largest expense to SS is the salaries of those administrating it. Less than 50% of the spending actually reaches the senior citizens so where is the real cutting needed? You would have to fire half of those $150K paper pushers who have nothing better to do than stuff Obama campaign envelopes and that is never going to happen.

Until we fire half of our bureaucrats and close half our overreaching agencies we have no chance of balancing a budget. Of course we have to cut back our entitlement programs that allow people living in poverty a better lifestyle than someone trying to work for $30K, but the bigger issue is those paper pushers who are really living on the gravy train as the DC wonks have figured out how to make these agencies into giant works projects. These are the true welfare kings and queens as they drive their Mercedes to their cushy jobs in their corner offices trying to figure out how to spend the extra 15% the congress overspent so they can get an extra 20% next year. This is the heart of the problem and why firing the heads of those agencies or closing them, no really; is the real answer to our country’s deficit.

The only way this will happen is if we elect grassroots politicians who haven’t been corrupted by the system and replace them before they can be. Romney will not want to get his hands dirty so this election will be simply to elect as many local and congressional representatives who will not allow him to cause any more damage until we can get a real conservative president. He will win by a large margin as people in America are not communists and know that the President is, no matter what his media says. We need to use that margin to exceed the results of the 2.10 Tea Party massacre and make this a true Revolution against the District of Corruption.

We as Conservatives have forgotten everything begins in the House and ends in the Sin-it so let’s take those back to the people. We lost the primary so now is the time to focus on the Congress. We take those chambers back with a veto proof majority and we can actually begin to shrink the size of this monolith. The presidency is highly overrated as an office capable of solving problems while Congress and especially the House is where the budgets are made and where you can begin to starve the beast. You could actually begin to solve Medicare and SS without touching the current recipients who were tricked into believing in this senior slavery by turning it from a giant works project to a program that works.

We need to go into this election trying to win every House and Senate seat we can and even some we should not. The presidency will take care of itself since it is simply a referendum on Ohbummer and his programs which most have decided they have had enough Solyndra and even his base has no hope and little change in its pockets. He has come to the reality that all his anti-America rhetoric and clich├ęs have no value in the corporate world and are being exposed for what they are. Now he has no answer, no way to inspire and a giant Solyndra as the symbol of his bankrupt presidency. There could not be a clearer contrast as our candidates need to run against him and our Tea Parties have to get behind their candidates and let the presidency take care of itself. We are at a dangerous crossroads, yet the wind is at our backs as people are looking for real solutions and real leaders. They understand gummit has gotten out of control. Now is the time to explain Conservatism, Capitalism, God and Individualism since like being stuck in a sand trap, problems can be hidden opportunities and now is our chance to lead America back to America.

Pray for America