Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Live THIS Queen

by Rev. Austin Miles

Following my recent story, Churches Re-occupying Their Pulpits (on this news site) that show pastors re-examining their calling, Pittsburgh’s Helen Trautman (HLT The Redhead) sent me a very encouraging clip from the Washington Post headlined: “Public Prayer Stirs Culture War in Britain (3/10/12).  And the good news is, Queen Elizabeth is taking a stand.

In the midst of growing opposition against prayer, the Post reported: “Even normally behind the scenes Queen Elizabeth is dusting off the monarch’s historic role as “defender of the faith” and supreme governor of the Church of England, suggesting recently that secular society, in targeting public prayer, has gone too far.”

This coming from a country led by Prime Minister David Cameron who set the pace for socialist governments by stifling prayer, legalizing abortion, publicly funding contraception, backing same sex marriage and arguing that equal rights are a fundamental facet of Christian values (twisted version), which is the mantra of Obama’s evolution of America that has not yet reached the intensity of Britain.

While sitting on this clip, Rev. Edward Berkey (retired) just sent me a story from The United Kingdom updating the celebration of Her Majesty’s 60 years as monarch declaring that further reaching than any party or parade will be the Queen’s Bible Distribution Project with 450,000 New Testaments given to churches, schools and individuals.

Biblica was approached for the job and the New Testaments they produced includes notes and visuals, says Biblica’s CEO for North America, Doug Lockhart. He then made churches and parochial schools aware of the opportunity to distribute Bibles in honor of the queen and the idea took off. This in a country where a labor leader proclaimed, “We don’t do God.”

The response to the Bibles is incredibly significant. Church attendance in The United Kingdom is at an all time low. Happily, young people are showing more interest in the Gospel. The Bibles are being handed out person-to-person by churches and schools. Those who receive a Bible now in the name of the royalty may be even more inclined to open it up.

It seems to be a new wave of the realization that there must be more than the chaos, corruption and violence of an off the axis world. There must be something higher and better. And there is: The God Who created the world and us, Who is here to strengthen, protect, bless and guide us. It is up to us to invite him in.

Atheists—HUSH!. Your efforts to remove God from the earth has caused so much chaos that your own children are no longer safe.. Is putting your children in danger worth it to try and further a failed ideology?  Give this some thought.