Thursday, June 14, 2012


First, let me state unequivocally, that I have nothing whatsoever against union members, in fact, I firmly believe that at the birth of unionism in America, unions had a fantastic role to play in the labor situation.

Let’s face it, business bosses abused workers with impunity, and humiliated them without remorse. Well, with that established, allow me to state that "two wrongs don’t make a right," and that today, the unions are controlled by unscrupulous Marxists who behave even worse than the business leaders to whom they owe their existence.

This brings me to the point of this article: Wisconsin. GOP Governor Scott Walker, came into power making some of the same promises that most politicians make to get elected except, he meant it! Governor Walker started to act as he had promised to do and, inevitably, it resulted in the fixing of the state’s problems to the relief of those who voted for him.

Imagine that! A politician keeping his word! Most people my age hadn’t seen that “rara avis” in many decades!

Unscrupulous politicians, quite a common kind of species, had made unionization of the public sector a right, just to get the votes of those involved. It was not only wrong, but also out of place since the governments are not dealing with their own money, neither act with the need of approval by a board of directors.

This resulted into the aggrandizement of the public workforce because it gave them more votes. As modern unions always seem to do, they placed impossible demands in terms of pay and benefits like outrageous pensions that are unsustainable financially for the current and future generations.

When we add to this the “entitlements” (nice word, isn’t it?), it has bankrupted the nation. 49% of Americans don’t pay income tax, leaving the rest to absorb the cost of carrying that dead load.

In spite of all the logic in the world, the Marxist controlled current and illegal administration, has been and will continue to be (if re-elected), expanding the public workforce and the entitlements ad infinitum.

The out-of-proportion arrogance of president Obama and his minions refuses to notice the change of heart of more and more Americans including many of their supporters.

Barry Soetoro’s personal propaganda machine during and after the 2008 election was full of good sounding words that in essence had no meaning, and people bought it, lock stock and barrel.

I’m talking, of course, about things like “transparency” a great sounding word that meant nothing to Barry Soetoro and has resulted in the least transparent administration ever! Heck I’m not even sure that he knew how to spell it! You think that I’m exaggerating? Well, remember that he told everyone that he had visited fifty-seven states and had a few more to go! Remember also that he told us in one of “his” books, that he attended class sparingly... and tried drugs enthusiastically, yet, he managed to pass his exams!

Americans now know, that they were duped in 2008 and have had it with Marxism. This is why, in spite of the outrageous support by the unions throughout the nation; in spite of the efforts of President Clinton; in spite of the enormous financial showdown with union money, forcefully extracted from the innocent union members; in spite of the titanic display of manpower shown by the union’s canvassers; and, of course, in spite of the "phenomenal" Twit of the narcissist-in-chief, Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch are able to keep their well deserved jobs.

It would appear that this was a referendum on Barry’s performance and he has suffered another “shellacking.” Perhaps there’s still hope for the USA!

George W. Bush made mistakes; after all, he’s only human. Those mistakes were multiplied exponentially by the Jurassic Media which has betrayed America and Journalism, all in one kick. Thus the reason why Americans wanted “change.”

Usually, when anyone wants change, it means change for the better. Surprise! Barry brought change for the very worse! This is why Americans want another change, this time the right one.

It will take generations and hard work, for America to recover from the illegal Soetoro fiasco, but I think it can be done. Be alert though, Obama will NOT go quietly; he’ll do as much harm as he’s allowed to, to get as far as he can in his goal to damage America so the One World Government can become a reality.

At the end, the current president could be the best ally Governor Romney has and, he could assure that Marxism doesn't get back in office for many years to come. Let's hope so.

Conservatism is good and Marxism is evil. Since 2010, Conservatism has scored two major victories. Let’s make sure this November we can have the third and final one! Good versus evil indeed!

Beware of the ides of November!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero