Monday, June 25, 2012

Fading Furiously

Gary Bray

‘Because no one has hired us,’ they answered, “he said to them, ‘You also go and WORK in my vineyard.’ Matt 20:7

Just when you thought you couldn’t get worse than Jimmy Carter you go and trip over a guy named Richard Nixon. The big question for the Establishmedia is, what do you know and when will you report it? This is another giant blow for the corrupt media industrial complex as it continues to attempt to push their rope up hill in hopes nobody will notice their efforts. This may have been the worst month in the histoir of this Country for the President and the Stone Age Press.

To imagine the President of the United States has to offer Executive Protection for himself or his Attorney General which doesn’t happen every day and it is greeted with a yawn and a snooze by PravdABDNC. These are theoretically the recorders of history and you have the biggest historic event since Bill Clinton denying sleeping with that woman and they want to hide it behind the big recovery. His and their biggest problem is they don’t understand they are racing the Indy 500 in a model T. The Brietbart highway has already reported, editorialized and found Attorney General Holder to be another cog in the corrupt Chicago Machine who was willing to risk lives to take guns out of the hands of Americans by putting them in the hands of Mexican drug dealers to vilify gun makers.

My source inside the White House who will be named Deep Throat from now on, says it was hatched by Barack, Michelle, Holder and Valarie Jarrett in the Oval office with Nazi Pelosi on the phone in a crass attempt at attaining one of their lifelong goals, the destruction of the 2nd Amendment. Biden was there but they gave him a balloon so he was completely mesmerized and likely won’t remember anything.

These people believed America had changed for the better and was ready for their liberal doctrine by their landslide victory. For 50 years these power hungry commie libs have wanted to install their new world order and this was their opportunity. The gun industry was target number one so they found an old shuttered program from the Bush Administration that tracked guns and then planted a bunch of assault rifles in the drug cartels with tracking devices so when they were used for a crime they could be traced back to Smith and Wesson to vilify them and shut them down through more gun regs. Problem is the crime they were used in was murdering a border agent and then the cover-up began.

Unlike Nixon, the crime was worse than the cover-up which was done by Holder, Jarrett, Pelosi and Obama and it if ever reported by the Obamedia will make Nixon look like a Boy Scout. Watergate was not even a crime in any real sense it was a break-in for an unknown reason although they were done all the time by both Parties. It was most likely done to retrieve Howard Dean’s wife’s prostitution receipts and it basically exposed the sordid side of politics of the era. The sacks of money were used by both sides and hardly a surprise to anybody involved although the media did their primary job which was to destroy Republicans. When you really looked at the story without the hype or media virtual conviction you had to ax, what exactly could he have been guilty of? The closest issue of criminality was lying to cover for his loyal staff but what President hasn’t done that and is it a crime? Well Obama has a murdered cop lying in the Portico which has him head and shoulders below Watergate.

Are Obama and Holder guilty of murder? Not directly, but they are guilty of reckless endangerment of people’s lives in the pursuit of power. This was a half baked idea born out of pure hatred of America and the gun industry which quickly got out of hand and now there are hundreds of dead Mexicans and a border agent Brian Terry. Their idea of putting guns in the hands of drug cartels left a trail of blood a thousand miles long and 500 miles wide. Like every liberal idea there was nothing but pain and suffering wherever the guns and cartel went yet the ends justified the means and in this case people’s lives. They are guilty of a massive cover-up in multiple departments, which you would think is newsworthy however it is on the wrong side, the Dems so there will be no potential Pulitzers.

Day after day, week after week and year after year we continue to ax ourselves when is the media industrial complex going to finally report fairly? The answer is when the people are getting 100% of their news from the internet. Unlike the establishmedia the net is a smorgasbord of slants and views so you can decide for yourself what the truth is and what makes sense. Until the ancient echo chamber goes bankrupt they will continue to be nothing more than Democrat activists running campaigns for their local and national candidates hiding the truth and spreading their programmed lies, nothing more. The good news is America understands that and discounts every one of their statements with the proper mountain of salt before they ingest it.

In the end there is no hiding the truth in this case. No matter if Executive privilege is granted or not America will know most of the truth of this tragedy. This is no longer the Watergate era where there are gatekeepers of the news there are no more gates and the truth flows freely on electrons around those gates. America will figure out there was another attempt to vilify an industry like they did with oil, banking, auto and coal only this time they were using guns as the weapon and a brave officer was killed needlessly. America will also be watching to see how the media conducts itself whether they are real journalists or continue to play games like this is some big high school football game and have to make sure their team wins, so what if people die; go team go!

This crime exposes the entire corrupt machine from top to the bottomless pit. There will be no search for the truth of how these people were murdered only how to minimize the political damage. There is no guilt or consolation for the families since they don’t believe they did anything wrong. In their world getting rid of guns in America is a noble cause and if people died, they tried. These are absolute zealots in their attempt to build their utopian world and having absolute control is the first step which is where Fast and Furious came together. This Nixonian cover-up is going to expose the District of Corruption from top to bottom and east to west letting America see clearly how complete it is. Humpty Dumpty is sitting at the bottom of the wall and all the Kings Men are trying to put him together again.

Pray for Brian Terry’s Memory