Friday, June 22, 2012


Because, frankly, the “progressives” have changed the meaning of so many words, that is getting confusing. For example, “Progressive” is now the equivalent of Marxist of less than a century ago; “you’re making too much money and we want you to share it with those on welfare;” has been replaced by “everybody as to pay their fair share;” homosexual/sodomite is now "gay;" conversely, “POTUS” has been replaced by “anyone who manages by hook or by crook, to occupy the Oval Office, whether entitled to it or not.”

We know that the con game worked in 2008 and Barry Soetoro, with the complicity of many, got to be president. Notice though, that come 2010, the game changed and people got wiser. The current administration knows by now, that they are inevitably on their way out, unless they cheat, lie and con the voters like never before (? !).

I thought, that former Speaker Pelosi came in 2009 with the epitome of absurdity, when she said “…you have to pass this bill before you can know what’s in it (or something like that).” O.K., so I was wrong. The non plus ultra of stupid statements came from her, just today, when she accused the Republicans of attacking Eric Holder because he doesn’t let them suppress votes.

Well, first, that’s not why the top cop is up to his eyebrows in the brown stuff; rather, it is his total disdain for the truth and for the U.S. Constitution, that’s got him in trouble. By the way, Madame Speaker, lying to Congress is a CRIME and a number of people in the current administration are guilty of just that!

There’s just a faint note of truth though, in her statement. Eric Holder is furiously objecting to the Republicans trying to force the use of I.Ds for voting, since that will exclude all the illegal and fake votes that got Barry into the White House in 2008. So, do Republicans wish to suppress votes? Absolutely! They want to suppress the illegal voting that was rampant in 2008. Isn’t that the right way of doing things?

Unless you want to have Mickey Mouse et al, vote as many times as they want, like in 2008 and you don’t mind the New Black Panthers in full gear, intimidating legitimate voters again!

The “Progressive” motto appears to be “vote early and vote often.” Come on guys get with the program! If you’re not alert, they will outsmart you again and again. When it comes to the Marxists that now control the party of the left, think of all the available tricks in the book and then some, and be prepared for the worst.

Oh, one more thing,, during any events that Michelle Obama organizes, I.D.s are demanded of anyone attending. Kind of begs the question, why is the Jurassic media not reporting on that? Why the double standards? Sorry, I forgot, that’s the Marxist way!

Newsflash for Nancy Pelosi: the Republicans don’t need any tricks to knock this unfortunate administration off it’s self provided pedestal (remember the Greek columns and the theatrics of the early days?), Obama, Holder et al, are doing a pretty good job at it. Just let’s make sure all i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

We’re witnessing the most incredible political suicide in the history of the U.S.A.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero