Tuesday, May 1, 2012


...an ideology (Marxism), a political party (Democrats), clinging on to power (Barack Hussein) or one's country (the USA).

I'm not trying to coach anyone, it is up to you to decide. If you're like me and you opt for the country, you must understand the urgency of getting rid of the scourge that is now destroying it. News flash! You don't have much time to do what is right for America.

Why am I saying this at this point in time? Simple. I've just read an article by Joe Kovacs at WND, titled "100 blacks beat white couple, media bury attack." In it I found that about 100 black youths committed a horrendous crime by beating a white couple who stopped at a red light, just for being white, much like the victim in Alabama the other day.

First, let me say that the color of either the victims or the perpetrators, makes no difference whatsoever. Had it been 100 whites on a couple of blacks, whites on whites or blacks on blacks, my reaction would have been the same. Alas, the president couldn't get enough hatred from the poor against the rich, to suit his needs so he has used the race card to the point of bringing the hatred (on the part of his fellow blacks) to pre-Martin Luther King times.

Listen to this: should Obama not try very hard to stop the on-going war of hatred that he started, he could be liable to prosecution in the future. One more case of racial hatred and I wouldn't be surprised if normal Americans start packing when going outdoors.

I realize that it is precisely what the current administration wants in order to impose Martial Law, but the Marxists in power will be responsible for the rivers of blood that could ensue. Are you ready for another Civil War, although of a different kind? Because this is what you risk.

Needless to say that neither Obama nor Eric Holder, will do anything to punish the criminals, as was the case of the New Black Panthers intimidating voters in 2008, or any of the other aberrations that have been uncovered and reported (not by the Jurassic Media) since. It is a case of us (name the group) have to stick together.

It saddens me to see the USA descending so low and its government committing so many crimes and misdemeanors. Richard M. Nixon was forced to resign for a great deal less than what is going on with this administration. Double standards? You bet!

Citizens of the U.S.A., the path this administration is on will lead to a power grab much like the one Hitler pulled. Will you stand for the Constitution and take America back, or will you just let them do it? Remember, I'm always speaking of peaceful and legal means to achieve a goal.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero