Sunday, May 13, 2012


Let me set the parameters here, before I begin. When I talk revolution, as I'm not from the "Weather Underground," I mean a peaceful, legal revolution Tea Party style, not Marxist style full of hatred and violence.

The citizens of the early colonies in the 18th century, would have preferred a civilized revolution to the War of Independence. King George III, didn't see it their way and the bloody war began.

What is the heading of this article about? Just the straw that broke the camel's back! Minnesota's governor, needless to say, a Hypocrat, is threatening the citizens of the great state, with jail, fines, etc. Who's being threatened? The most dangerous of all American citizens: moms! It could be an April fool's joke except for the fact that we're well into May.

Those "despicable, awfully menacing" mothers, are rebelling because they want to have access freely to the fresh foods, they can get from local farms. Their gall! To jail with all of them! How dare they, contradict the civil "servants" of Minnesota? What do they think, that they own the state? disobedience of the dictates of the Governor and State Legislators, must (and will) be punished with jail, fines, confiscation of property and any other form of punishment as underlined in the Marx and Engels Manifesto. Who do they thing they are?

The States ought to follow the marvelous example of the Soetoro administration, which is persecuting (and prosecuting) among others, the State of Arizona and its toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, just because they don't want to submit to the Obamanoids wishes to ignore the Constitution and obtain dictatorial powers, Hitler's style.

The fact is that Soetoro has already given himself such powers and he's ready to implement Martial Law at his convenience and, make the DSA (Disunited States of America) a full fledge Communist country.

The question is: do the Military remain loyal to the Constitution and the U.S.A., or will they blindly follow the dictator-in-chief and attack "We the People"? Your guess is as good as mine, but I haven't lost all my faith in the Military, in spite of some leaked information out there on the Internet.

The irresponsible (Liberal) government of Minnesota, backed by at least one judge, is saying that people do not have the right to drink the milk of their own cow. Sorry, I seem to have an attack of bad memory; could someone remind me of where in the Constitution does it say that?

Look folks, the current federal administration is already doing many times more damage than it should be required for any freedom-loving people to kind of explode into a peaceful revolution within the boundaries of the Constitution.

I'm not sure which path the revolution should take, but withholding taxes has proven to be effective somewhere, in the past; no government can function without money, not even an irresponsible one as the federal government of the day, with its money printing machines.

About a century after Teddy Roosevelt (a RINO), who initiated the "progressivism" that was to culminate in the Communism of Obama, has gradually trained Americans to accept the Marxist doctrine as inevitable. Well, bull! It doesn't have to be that way, and you can stop it anytime you're ready to take the country back!

No more Big Brother telling Americans what they can or cannot do! If it is not forbidden in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, YOU are in control, not the traitorous governments. The day that "We The People" lose control, America will cease to exist and, let me tell you, it is dangerously close to happening.

See here. The EPA is one of the most dangerous aberrant creatures of the government; it is regulating your lives into extinction. America is heading at full speed towards disintegration to a point that the Civil War, will look like child's play, because, in spite of the cruel things that took place at the time, both sides were quite human after all.

This time though, one of the sides is composed by the Marxists and believe me, or study history if you don't, the Marxists are NOT human.

Let's recap a little here.

The environazis and their proven lies about manmade "global warming";

The homonazis trying to convince us that marrying two of the same sex, is their God-given right (check the main book of most religions to see the opposite).

The feminazis telling the world that killing their unwanted babies is also their God-given right, among many other things.

The government mandating what they have no right to force you to accept.

The federal government taking away from the States, rights that, constitutionally, belong to the individual States.

The Woodrow Wilson aberration of giving away the nation's right to fully control the treasury, with the creation of the Federal Reserve (controlled by a bunch of banks, including foreign banks).

The-out-of -control money printing, which is devaluing the retirement savings of all Americans.

The creation of a debt that mathematically cannot be repaid, and will force (or at least the Marxists hope it will) "We The People" to accept the unacceptable in order to get the country "back into peaceful existence", after the chaos created for that purpose by the current illegal government. How much blood will be spilled to obtain the desired (by this administration) results, is something no one in the administration seems to care about.

I could go on and on, for the bandits in charge, have given all of us, plenty to write about, but I'll let go at this for now.

What puzzles me the most, is the apparent apathy and lethargy that seems to have taken hold of so many Americans. Time is running out and if you don't wake-up, the country will fall by the wayside.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero