Tuesday, May 1, 2012


How do you make the "dithers-in-chief" look like the "decider-in-chief"? Easy! Get the "groper-in-chief" to give you a hand! The question is, what's in it for "Teflon Willy"? After all, Barry Soetoro "killed" his wife's dream of becoming Madame la Présidente. Would that have made him the First Gentleman?

As I've mentioned before, rumor has it that some Obama "sympathizer" had threatened the Clinton family (on his own, of course) if he, the former president, disclosed anything about Barry Soetoro's qualifications vis-à-vis his being a natural born American as the constitution requires.

Was there any "promise" exchanged for the favor of the much needed support? If so, what form did it take? Will Americans ever find the truth of the events of the last few years? What juicy stories must be floating around in some people's minds!

Did you hear the news? There's a film coming out in July, titled "Dreams From My Real Father," and it wasn't written by Bill Ayers! I can't wait until July. Check-out WND for more information. Why is it that, unlike with any other occupant of the White House, everything with this president is either secret, complicated, not-transparent and/or not "kosher"? His real father is now in doubt, his citizenship is all but proven as a foreigner, his schools records are tainted and thus hidden, his passport(s) unproven, is there anything clear and out-in-the-open with this man?

I know that the Supremos have already been altered by Barry Soetoro who tipped the odds with two Obamanoids, plus there's another one whose loyalty to the Constitution she sworn to defend, has now been called to question. What the heck is happening to the U.S.A.? Can you imagine if Barry has the next four years to complete his mandate from the powers-that-be, including appointing a few more anti-constitution, lefties to the Supremos? God help the U.S.A.!

Almost everything that has happened in the last four or so years, is against everything Americans (the normal ones, that is) stand for. Is there a chance to bring the real America back? I urge every decent voter to support Mitt Romney, even if he was not their first choice. By the same token, I urge all decent Americans to elect non-GOP-establishment candidates for both houses, so they make sure Mitt Romney stays on the straight and narrow. Looking at Tea Party candidates makes a lot of sense today!

Barry Soetoro has an ego twice the size of the Incredible Hulk and, I'm not so sure he will accept defeat at the voting polls that easily. I'm still asking you to beware of the ides of November as the usurper-in-chief could pull an Adolf Hitler and take over the country by force.

We're just hours away from May 1st. Will the so-called-99% (who look to me much closer to five or ten per centers), wreak havoc as promised?

The illegal president, oops! I used the "I" word! O.K. the undocumented occupier of the White House, has been blaming George W. Bush for everything including the bad weather. Funny that he takes credit for what "W" started against Usama bin Laden, so Obama bin Laying can put a feather in his cap (a lonely feather that is). How duplicitous of his.

The Marxists controlling the Democrats today, want you to stop using the word illegals when speaking of those who broke the law and enter the US without authorization; that is, those who entered the country ILLEGALLY!

News flash for the beneficiaries of all those ILLEGAL votes: they are illegals and so are any elections in which they are allowed to vote! We know why you're protecting them, they vote for you. Obviously you don't care about what is fair or what is the law. Those people are cancelling the vote of legitimate voters and changing the outcome of the elections. How do you feel as a legitimate American, knowing that your vote doesn't count because some illegal will be voting the opposite of you? That's how Barry got in the White House in the first place, it's just that few people have the cojones to say so!

Barry Soetoro has so soiled the Office of the President, that he projects an image of a cheap opportunist and unskilled charlatan (he reminds me of Il dottore Dulcamara [snake oil salesman] of the Opera L'elisir d'amore by Gaetano Donizetti, although Dulcamara was quite skilled at his job).

With the unfortunate and despicable use of the death of Usama bin Laden as a political asset in favor of the charlatan, the LIEberals are once more condemning water boarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques. They are absolutely and unequivocally against what they call "torture." Talk about double standards. Where was their outrage when an innocent American citizen had his head cut off, live on camera, while alive and conscious?

Folks, after that, I became insensitive to whatever the West could do to defend itself against the barbaric behavior of our mortal enemies, the radical Muslims. Make no mistake, the radical Muslims have declared war, publicly, on the Great Satan (the USA) and the Little Satan (Israel) as well as the free world in general, no matter what this corrupt administration might say about them, or might want to cover for them.

Do we have to give Barack Hussein credit for giving the order to kill Usama? Perhaps, but only if we acknowledge that years before, not only it was President Bush who started the process, it was the Bush/Cheney enhanced interrogation techniques that provided the information to carry out the mission. Besides, I cannot give credit for something we have no proof happened due to the cowardice of the current administration, "shaking" in its boots about the possible retaliation by the Islamofascists. Do we know how long president dithers hesitated before giving the go ahead?

Do we know if he asked permission before giving the order, to king Abdullah, before whom he shamelessly bowed in front of the whole world?

I suggest that, come November, you vote to get rid of the Marxists who are now in charge, and let the world know that America is back and that for every American citizen they harm, one thousand of their scumbags will die if it takes ten years!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero