Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Millions and millions of viewers around the world have chosen Fox News Chanel as their primary source of news, because of its strong Conservative tone. Alas, the tone is now gone and Fox News is hiring more and more people from the left, some even related, politically speaking, to the infamous “Spooky Dude.” Is Rupert Murdoch afraid of him? Why is the cable news channel turning left? The truth is that, should we wish to hear stupidity galore, we would turn our dial to any of the other available channels, and not to Fox News.

If we wanted to put-up with the kind of political statements that Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Sheppard Smith or any of the left-wing panelists often invited on different shows, we would tune in to any of the Marxist-controlled channels. Instead we have turned to Fox News. Don’t get me wrong, on a personal basis, I like some of those people (well, maybe not Shep), but as soon as they start defending the indefensible, I get irritated. Bob Beckel for example, seems like an affable guy, with whom one could enjoy a soda. I respect his fortitude in quitting drinking, but when talking “progressive” shop, I can’t stomach him. Ditto for Juan Williams, whom I supported when he was ousted from his previous job.

Unfortunately, Fox News is turning left at a lightning speed. I belong to a number of political organizations with memberships in the many thousands, and the consensus is that we need another cable company with the testicular fortitude necessary to confront the likes of “Spooky Dude” and all the other Marxist-sympathizers that are now controlling the Jurassic media. The first indication of the lack of vision currently affecting Fox News was the ousting of Glenn Beck who had done for Fox News more than they wish to admit.

Personally, I feel that Fox News top man today, is Sean Hannity without a doubt. Bill O’Reilly has lost his mantel as he tries to imitate the channel, and has become “too fair.”

I think the news channel has become caught on the “fair, balanced and un-afraid.” Here’s another possible pillar of the channel, Brett Baier, although some of his recent statements worry me a bit.

Now, moving onto the unfortunate occupier of the White House, is it possible that the man could be so stupid? Frankly, I believe that he’s Mitt Romney’s best ally! Could anyone goof-off so much, so often and so close together, inadvertently? This potential one-termer is rapidly offending most groups he needs to win the election. I know that he’s counting on the millions of un-qualified, phony voters (Mickey Mouse et al) as he did in 2008, but people are wiser this time around. There is only so much the ACORNs of the nation can accomplish to cheat the American people.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. America needs to rally around the Constitution and force the con man to show all of the records he’s been asked to produce and so far has refused to do so.

I’ve also asked in the past what the American voter’s definition of “treason” is. I believe it paramount to know that, if the nation is to get justice.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero