Saturday, May 19, 2012


As one of the first to call Barry what he really is, I'm amazed at how long it has taken many Americans, to realize the truth; in fact, many haven't as of yet.
It seems to me that the whole kit and caboodle is about to blow-up in Obama's face. Duh, what took you so long?
Scandal after scandal, ex-supporter, after ex-supporter, they are all coming out of the closet and leaving Obama to his sort. Not a moment too soon! This fiasco must be resolved before the election, although I suspect that if so, the Hypocrats might sort of "draft" Hillary Rodham (Clinton) to try to pull a fast one on the American people. What else is new? We'll talk about it if and when.

Once, not long ago, I warned you of the potential damage that Barry Soetoro could inflict upon the USA between now and the time of his removal. This is one of the reasons why I still say that proving his illegitimacy, is the best solution to this problem since, once again, if illegitimate, he couldn't commit the nation to anything, nor could he make executive decisions or appoint anyone to say... the Supreme Court.
Interesting that published the image of a promotional brochure from two decades ago that declares Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii", which brochure was  created by Acton & Dystel, then Obama's agent, promoting a book that Barry Soetoro never wrote. My guess is that he couldn't which may be why Bill Ayers had to write for him his books. Now, the brochure looks to be on the up and up and I surely trust the people surrounding Andrew Breitbart, much more than those surrounding Obama.
Needless to say, this discovery reaffirms the conclusion of the members of the "Cold Case Posse" of the great Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, AZ.
Speaking of Arizona, I'm proud of them for demanding Hawaii to produce the true birth certificate of the usurper-in-chief, failing which, the man won't be on the Arizona ballot. That's class!
The fact that is taken about four years to decipher this horrendous hieroglyphic, can be attributed largely to the deceit, corruption and perversity of the complicit Jurassic Media, who are totally sold-out to the anti-American Marxists. It is my contention that they should be punished for their dereliction of duty.
I know, I know. I should stop being wishy-washy and start calling a spade a spade! But this is me. I seem to be a bit of a coward, always afraid of telling the truth. (!)
A question is burning to come out of my keyboard.  Speaker Boehner, Congressmen/women of the Republican party plus those from the other side, who still have some decency left in them: what are you waiting for to act on the information before you and stop this madness? I know that many of you have suspected for a while that what you know now, was possible. So when will you remember your Oath of Office and star protecting and defending America and its Constitution as you swore to do?
I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me that the knowledge that you possess at this point, legally obliges you to act swiftly and do your duty. Have you been threatened with physical harm or death to you or members of your family? Well, you know better than I do, what avenues are open to you to get the required protection. Your country is at stake! The future of your descendents is at stake! Will you please get going?
The more people dig into Barry Soetoro's past, the more it appears that he's nothing but a phony product of the advertising industry. It reminds me of an old movie in which a product, of which they only had the name, was accidentally being promoted and accepted by the public who wanted to see what it was. As in all movies, they then invented a product to cover the deception and voilá!
As I've said from day one, Obama has been, is and always will be an empty suit. Great advertisements but no product. All America has in the White House, is a Communist sympathizer, who's also a sympathizer of Islam. I'm not saying he's a Muslim, because I don't think he believes in any religion, just the Communist doctrines. He sure doesn't act like a Christian and, even his pastor of twenty-two years is not sure that he converted him.
One thing that is very clear now, is that he doesn't like Israel, but then again, no one in his team seems to and that may include some of those who were brought up as Jews.
It is my sincere hope (not the kind that Obama promised in 2008, but the real hope) that it is not too late to save America from the machinations of the Communists within as well as from the outside. I believe in the American spirit and I think the country can still be saved, but time is running out!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero