Monday, May 14, 2012

Evolving to Sodom and Gomorrah

Mercy, peace and LOVE be yours in abundance. The Sin and Doom of Godless Men… Jude 1:2

So Lame Duck Limping has evolved to see that homosexuals should be allowed to marry for equality. Talk about the oldest tactic in the liberal playbook, saying you have evolved. These self important elitists use this term all the time to let everybody know how superior they are to those dinosaurs whom they disagree. This tactic is only second to the racist card however it is the same card played in a slightly different way. Let’s not discuss the issue just simply say you have evolved to claim yourself right and everyone else wrong.

Liberals are always evolving since they don’t believe in God, they have to be godlike. They also believe their ideas are right and everyone else is wrong so they use terms like evolved, consensus, racist, homophobe, sexist and every other term to dehumanize their opposition. You add a good dose of sanctimony and a willing press to declare your declarations divine and commie libs never have to debate these issues. This is the same tactic that has worked for all academic agenda driven sciences like acid rain, the ozone hole, the DDT scare, the obesity myth, their war on oil and now a war on marriage and family without any debate.

If it is such a wonderful evolution, why do homosexual males have a 20 year shorter lifespan than normal? It appears the fact that homosexuals have a 10,000 times greater chance of getting AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis C, mono and every other VD there is a pretty good case they are a prime example of Darwinism at work which would make his statement devolved and society has evolved from that dangerous lifestyle. When you have states voting 60/40 against the homosexual commie agenda even with a 24/7/365 SoddomWood promotion then you should at least consider the voters beliefs. That is not the case for liberals, they have evolved far above the commoners eliminating any consideration of their backwards opinions and especially if they are Christian homophobes. It is liberals who are completely closed minded.

His other evolution will be a deeper war with the church. Once he installs the marriage act then pastors and priests will then have to marry them or face a Federal discrimination arrest and conviction. They could easily call it a hate crime which would likely land the Priest in jail for an extended period of time. There they could be properly educated on the necessary levels of tolerance required in a more evolved and tolerant regime. This is the true objective of the homosexual agenda, the destruction of the natural family as well as the elimination of the church. These are atheistic commie libs who worship their sexuality while enjoying the perks of being a protected minority group as they are saints in the liberal orthodoxy. If pastors have to choose between marrying people they know are sinners and have little chance of a successful marriage or stepping down, they win. Every communist society must eliminate the church since it stands in the way of their god worship of gummit.

Americans are good and tolerant people who understand this issue inside and out. They are the ones who want to live their lives together with homosexuals rather than having their lives impacted by them. They vote in huge numbers for a marriage amendment, not because they hate homosexuals but because they understand that a mother and father is the natural way to raise children. Is every marriage perfect? Of course not, but that doesn’t ignore the facts which say the healthiest and safest both physically and financially way to live, is inside a stable family. It is not a vote against homosexuals as much as it is a vote for the family.

How about the President evolve on the Keystone pipeline like 75% of Americans and all of Canadians have? Rather than evolving into the 21st century he is stuck in the 18th century with trains and windmills that waste Billion$ and are absolutely inefficient. America is beginning to evolve away from this backward thinking that you can power the country on Pixie Dust and beginning to understand that oil and coal are the most efficient and abundant fuel resources ever found and need to be developed to provide a platform for the economy to grow. Perhaps he can evolve his mind into realizing rather than the 2% of world oil reserves he claims we have and start to realize we have more than his bow down friends in the Middle East.

It is he and his Party who are stubbornly standing in the way and chasing a backwards thinking energy policy who are not able to evolve with the changes of capitalism and freedom. It is they who are installing draconian measures from the 1930s and 40s of Stalinism and Maoism which have been passed over as giant failures. He is the one who refuses to think forward and uses propaganda tactics from Hitler’s Germany along with PravdABDNC that won’t allow the next evolution of Free Market economics. He and his Party are stuck in the Dark Ages for fear they and their power will be left behind like those other relics of communism. They understand in their gut what the next evolution of America is and they do not fit with their cradle to grave control since that evolution is just the opposite.

With an abundant, cheap and reliable supply of energy and an evolving computer age, gummit becomes less important. With the free flow of information and instant communication people can police and maintain themselves and gummit can be reduced and localized where the problems are. With a strong highway system people and goods can travel freely and reach their destinations quickly maximizing the minutes spent making and providing those services. This makes for a stronger economy and full employment to provide tax dollars to a smaller more dynamic less costly gummit.

The only thing standing in the way of this next evolution of America is Barak Hussain Obama who is fixated on dividing everybody to keep their eyes off the real problem, him. He would rather evolve about his trumped up issues to make Americans hate America. Are we perfect? No, but neither is he and certainly neither were his model gummits he wants to install. So let him evolve into some superior being in his own mind who couldn’t even run a Kool Aid stand if his life depended on it, and go off like Jimmy Carter on his personal evolutions and leave us alone. We don’t need him telling us how to live our lives, who or what we should be marrying or starting race riots, we need him to lead, follow or get out of our way. If he wants to evolve, how about evolving into a 21st century capitalist rather than an early 20th century Marxist and catch up with those people he claims he is superior? If you want to evolve Mr President, why don’t evolve into an American?

Pray for America