Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I've been watching Barry Soetoro since he declared his run for the nomination of the party, his fellow Marxists have taken over.

Those who have followed my writings through the Internet, are fully aware of the fact that I "got his number" very early on; don't ask how, but Barry was as transparent to me as the windows in your house are to you.

I have also predicted many of the things and horrors he has caused to his (?) country. Oh, I'm not claiming to be the only one or the first one on everything, but I 'was an early one.

As you know, I have been saying that this guy wouldn't accept defeat easily. Also, I have tried to prepare you for the results of his class warfare and race warfare, i.e. Martial Law, which, in his mind, would extend his "reign" over the most powerful nation in the world B.O. (Before Obama).

In any event, Barry et al, have succeeded in firmly planting the seeds of Communism in the heart of the nation. This is something that no other president could have done in the past, not even Woodrow Wilson or FDR.

Lately, I'm beginning to realize that Obama and his Marxist minions and bosses, know that he'll lose this election; in fact, they believe they might be "shellacked" again! That, of course, doesn't prevent them from counting on the "good services" of their satellite organizations such as ACORN, some of the powerful unions that are on their side, etc., to do whatever is necessary, whether it is "kosher" or not, to keep him in the White House.

This election has become even more important now, since the elections in France and Greece, because Europe is heading for the abysm and, the only salvation for the world, is to get rid of Marxism in America, and bring it back to what it was in the past: a beacon for freedom. Now it is an example of what no country should be: an impoverished nation with very little hope for the future.

Knowing as you do, that the "conniver-in-chief" doesn't have a record to run on, you are already expecting the lies, threats, bribes, etc. to be much more prominent in this election as they were in the midterm. Scuttlebutt says that there are a number of members of both houses, who have received "warnings" about pushing the illegibility issue and other matters unpleasant to their cause. Let them know that they can be protected if they come forward and denounce the un-American behavior they have been subjected to.

Being accustomed to American elections, you've also noticed that, this time around, the demagogy has escalated to previously unknown heights. Being a student of WWII, I have noticed the parallels between Barry and Adolf Hitler. The German leader also pumped-up his demagogy as time went by in his "reign."

Listen to the Obama of late. He sounds more and more like Adolf did, when addressing his countrymen. This is actually a problem, we don't know who his countrymen are. Americans? Kenyans? Other? The most mysterious president ever, doesn't want to prove where he was born. Kind of like "Trust me, I'm a Lawyer"!

For the life of me, I don't remember any president whom, through my personal experience or my history studies, I could see being such a demagogue and so un-presidential. In fact, he has caused many millions of people, in America and around the world, to lose respect for the office to an unprecedented degree.

Notice that Barry is implying that, should you be stupid enough to vote for him again, against all evidence that you shouldn't, he would make sure that all the broken promises he made during his primaries and 2008 election campaign, are fulfilled this time around. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

Well folks, there's another threat on the horizon; assuming that Barry will bow-out of the White House after losing the election, be aware that he'll sell-out the U.S.A. to the highest bidder of sorts. He will sign the most binding agreements he's capable of, and give away American rights, right, left and center, without any compunction. Those actions could cost Americans so much money and cause so much damage, that it could take generations to recover from it, if ever.

Which brings me to the point that I have been writing about for years now. America has to prove that Obama is in fact ineligible, so that all his actions can be cancelled out.

The atrocities this administration has carried out since Obama's swearing in are of such magnitude and caused such harm to the Republic, as to grant prosecution of all people involved A.S.A.P.

Ignore this warning at your own peril, because it will be your children, grand children, etc. who will suffer the consequences of your apathy. If you don't take action for yourselves, do it for the future generations of Americans!

As usual, God Bless America! It needs it now more than ever before!

Joseph A. Gamero