Monday, May 28, 2012

The Cult of Liberalism

Gary Bray

Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first LOVE. Rev 2:4

Small wonder liberals are such miserable people. To spend your entire life trying to earn your way into heaven when there is no possible chance of earning it brings hopelessness. According to the church of liberalism you have to accept and practice all the liberal doxology to become a truly good person. Being a good person to a liberal means you have to be more liberal and tolerant than those intolerant Conservatives. This is why you end up with people always being frustrated and angry from having to chase smoke and ash to become a good person.

If you observe liberals you will see them not only living their lives the group approved of manner but they are some of the preachiest people on the face. The latest of course is homosexual marriage where the President and his liberal base preaching how homosexuals are discriminated against from not being able to be wed to another homosexual. This is the perfect issue for them to practice their sanctimonious preaching of how important it is to protect the rights of such a discriminated group. Never mind this group earns 25% more than every other group or that it has serious health issues having absolutely nothing to do with discrimination, they are put upon by an unfair society. So when a liberal preaches the values of tolerating homosexuality it means they are a good person and of course, you are not. They want the world to know they are better than you because they are more tolerant.

There are so many areas in a libs life that has to be maintained outside the norm they are continually chasing their tail. They of course are the only people on the planet who care about others. They worship every religion except Christianity which is old fashioned. They show their tolerance by accepting Islam while rejecting Christianity. Never mind it is a religion that says it is ok to rape your wife and promotes female circumcision as well as having sex with young boys and girls, liberals love this religion. They dismiss all of its earth god cult activities in the guise of having to understand their societal differences when they would go ballistic if Christians were acting that way. The bottom line is Islam is the enemy of their enemy which makes them their friend.

Not only are they extremely difficult on themselves they have an extreme need to control everybody around them. When it comes to food and smoking they become the least tolerant people on the planet. They want everybody to be vegans who don’t use salt and are smoke free. A vegan is one of the holiest of libs since they are disciplining their own body to deny itself of its natural diet. There are plenty of studies showing the dangers of a vegan diet which is lacking in vital amino acids. They claim you can get those minerals and vitamins from garbanzo beans but you really can’t. Vegans tend to be lethargic, sickly and many have shortened life spans. Other than that it is a great lifestyle. Their biggest annoyance is their constant need to lecture people on the values of a vegan diet when in reality it has no benefit whatsoever. It has far more to do with their need to be a good person and earning their way to heaven than any sort of healthy diet. Vegans are really good people because they don’t kill animals, check.

Then of course the real chore to being a good lib is Worshiping the Dirt. To be a true Dirt Worshiper you have to believe that the very chemicals you exhale from birth to death is killing the planet but you aren’t. You have to buy the scam of CO2 is actually heating up the planet but solar activity has nothing to do with it, only man and specifically America is destroying the planet. You also have to disregard that plants use CO2 for photosynthesis to create oxygen so in theory the excess carbon dioxide should be really good for the plants to make them more lush and healthy, but that wouldn’t fit into the doomsday theory libs are so famous for. This is where the heavy lifting begins for the cult of liberalism, you have to buy a Prius so everybody knows you care about the Dirt and they don’t, making you a better person than they are. If you can’t afford a Prius, buy a tuna can on wheels that gets 400 mpg to let everyone know you are concerned. If you want to be really sanctimonious ride a bike so everyone knows you care. You would be an angry bitter person too if you had to keep all this straight.

Liberalism is nothing more than a cult worship which makes no logical sense but perfect spiritual worship. They believe they are doing something new with their worship of science and dirt when these gods have been around since the dawn of time. The current form with their growing gummit has been around for a hundred years and led to the murders of over 200 million people in the last bloody century. To believe these cultists couldn’t murder people is to believe that Che, Castro, Mao and Stalin wouldn’t murder capitalists; they would and will if given half a chance. Stalin’s comment during the great purges of the ruling class was we can’t do it yet because the country isn’t strong enough. He murdered them anyway just like every other Marxist requires.

To follow this cult you have to work every moment of your life to work your way into heaven. They live an empty fruitless life full of negativism and bleakness since any success must be met with the proper amount of guilt while any failures are celebrated as proof of an unfair society. It is no small wonder that liberals have a much higher rates of addiction, depression and suicide than Conservatives due to living in such pain and guilt.

This cult is very seductive since all of the major powers of this country have been promoting it for decades through the media, academia and politics. The good news is it is easy to leave and once you do there is a freedom of thought. One of the best ways is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior and you no longer have to worry about being a good person since he makes you one. You allow his sacrifice to wash your sins away and become a new person which stops having to live that life of working your way to goodness. The other piece of good news is once you leave that lifestyle you can become a free thinking person who isn’t brainwashed by liberal clap trap. You can think for yourself and live your life free and make your own decisions what is right and wrong. Once you are outside that constraining lifestyle of how to act you can see it for what it truly is which is a pack of lies designed to take your freedom away and enslaving you to a lifestyle they want you to live.

This is the larger choice we have today. Do you live in the liberal cult or do you become a Christian and enjoy the freedom and happiness which comes with it? The liberal cult is an atheistic based religion which forces you to work day and night to reach goodness. It is a religion which forces you to accept unacceptable behavior so you can be considered tolerant not only of the person but of the unhealthy behavior he is indulging in. It forces you to believe in theories which make no sense like global warming that have been disproven yet the scientists still push it like the good snake oil salesmen they have become. You can become exhausted by living your life in such an unnatural state or you can shake it off and become truly free from their doxology and follow Conservatism to its natural root, Christianity.

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