Monday, April 23, 2012


Gordon Bishop On The Issues

Enough is enough!

If the lame brained media wants to keep bending over and getting screwed by America's Fraud President, spewing his disgusting lies and untruths, then to hell with 'em!

Let's set them up for the mother of all "by-passes" and go direct to the American people.

Yes, you heard right! The Tea Party is giving the media a "by-pass" and it's going to be hot!


Main Stained Media be damned! We're exposing "America's Fraud President" for who he really is: Evil Incarnate. A good-for-nothing bleeding liar, fake and fraud.

We're bypassing he media, going direct to grassroots America and asking you to come along.

We're going to proclaim the truth and expose the fraud who dares to sit in the Oval Office and the bleeding heart liberal media that bow down to him.

Are we crazy?

Hell NO.

I'm so tired of the freakin' liars in the Main Lame Media it makes me scream.

Why is the media turning a blind eye to the repulsive and hideous frauds being perpetrated on the American people?

Wasting our time and resources, ramming despicable ObamaCare down our throats!

Signing the NDAA bill into law, codifying indefinite military detention without charge or trial.

His royal highness, Mr. Omnipotent, now has the power to order the military to grab and imprison -- indefinitely -- any U.S. Citizen captured anywhere in the world, far from any battlefield. WTF?

Using predator drones to conduct "target killings" of U.S. Citizens (yes, now the law folks!) signed by yours truly, our utter Obomination of a president.

DEMANDING control over the Internet, giving the National Security Agency, part of the DOD --- the most commanding spy agency in the world--Internet supremacy.

Guess what folks: he's collecting Internet records on all U.S. Citizens! (If you thought Saddam Hussein was bad or Fidel Castro is vile, you ain't seen nothing yet. (I smell a traitor.)

Stealthily appointing the IRS to administrate his hellhold of health: ObamaCare. That's right, the most reviled government agency in all of our land, the IRS, will have all you financial records, Social Security numbers, tax records and now all your medical records.

Yep, that can include your DNA Profile, blood test results, urine sample results--heck, guys even your sperm count.

Why the hell does the IRS need all of that?

Answer: Because "America's Fraud President"--the wolf in sheep's clothing--demands it!

America is in serious jeopardy. Obama's motives are nothing less than sheer evil.

-Surrendered his license to practice law.
-Has multiple Social Security numbers.
-Sealed his college and law school transcripts.
-Possesses foreign passports.
-Missing birth records in Hawaii.
-Sealed selective service records.
-Holds many different names and aliases.
-Palmed-off a phony birth certificate to trusting Americans.
-Threatened Sheriff Joe with lawsuits (for upholding the law!!!).
-Has known ties to criminals, violent terrorists and racist pastors.

What's worse, not one of us will forget how "America's Fraud President" bailed out Wall Street, Fat Cat Banks and Mortgage Moguls to the tune of billions and billions of our dollars.

Middle Class America?

All they got was screwed.

(Gordon Bishop is a 'Who's Who in the World' national award-winning author, historian, journalist and New Jersey's First "Journalist-of-the-Year"--1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1857.)