Sunday, April 29, 2012


The Communist Party of The United States of America, is not only supporting the illegal president for re-election, they're also asking (their) allies (all the other lefties) to join forces with them to ensure a victory for the usurper-in-chief.

To them, it is obvious that whether Barry Soetoro is by right occupying the White House, or he's doing it by fraud, makes no difference.

It is also obvious as well, that Barry's political views are very close to the Communist Party's views. I'm just wondering how much proof do Americans need to force the hand of the president and demand that he shows his records. If and when he does, people may find a surprise but either way, it could finally clear the White House for good.

Speaking of records, I would love to glance at his school records; for someone who "used to teach" a class on the constitution, he's showing no respect for that venerated document and is in a hurry to destroy it. Of course, that may not be as strange as to have a Justice of the Supremos, who has been fighting to change the constitution with all her heart, plus another one who said (speaking to Egyptians) that she wouldn't recommend the U.S. Constitution as a model for their new one! I may be out on a limb here, but two sitting Justices of the Supreme Court doing/saying that?

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Changing the subject a bit, there seems to be a possibility that one of Andrew Breitbart's coroners, might have been poisoned to death. Could someone be trying to keep secret the true results of Breitbart's autopsy? I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, considering the sort of people we have to contend with.

Kind of reminds one of the mysterious death of one of President Clinton's best friends in 2008, just about when groping Willy was ready to put his two cents on Obama's "natural born American citizenship." Why is it that anyone who seems willing and able to hurt Barry Soetoro, dies surrounded my mystery? As Fox News says: I report, you decide. On the other hand, you'd better get used to it because should God wish to punish Americans further than He has and, should Obama win reelection, this kind of thing could happen more often. You never know when an "overzealous" Soetoro supporter is going to get out of hand.

If you forgive me, I'm making a connection with the old T.V. series "The Untouchables" one of my favorites of my youth. It happened in Chicago... Wait! The Obamas used to live in Chicago, right? What a coincidence! And a good number of the president's Czars and/or appointees, are from Chicago, aren't they? Now, do you understand why the smartest of them all, Rahm Emmanuel, left Washington to go back home? He saw a sinking ship!

I hope that Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of the American heroes of today, is enjoying the best protection available to him, because again, you never know what an overzealous Obamanoid will do to him. Oh, not sanctioned by Obama, of course!

Speaking of Chicago style and the T.V. series, shame on the Obama campaign and the president for helping them, to intimidate Mitt Romney's donors by making their names public. Will the president disclose any monies received from, say... Russia?

The American Constitution doesn't have to be changed or "modernized;" it only needs to be applied as it was intended to and not shredded as this administration is doing. What needs to be changed are the one-at-a-time- bites, that successive administration have taken at the American system. Devolution of powers to the states, a much smaller Federal Government, compulsive balanced budgeting, and short term limits for all elected and unelected positions, would do wanders for starters.

All decent Americans who were duped into believing the lies of the Obama team, must be now ashamed of what they did. Not to worry folks, anyone can make a mistake! You can make it up to the country by kicking the president out of office, before the election.

I guess that would force the Hypocrats to "draft" Hillary Clinton in a desperate attempt to not lose power completely, but it would clean-up the mess of appointments and executive orders, taken by the failure-in-chief.

I'm not sure that the "drafting" won't be like jumping from the pan to the fire, but anybody but Obama...

One more note of caution. Watch closely for voter fraud, it worked so well in 2008, that someone might be tempted to use it again!

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero