Wednesday, April 11, 2012


President Reagan left a legacy that many Republicans envy even this far after his service; both Presidents from the Bush clan, in spite of their mistakes, left a legacy that many Americans are proud of; even Groping Willy did things that many Americans are proud of.

What about the usurper-in-chief? Barry Soetoro's legacy is one on lies, dirty tricks, divisiveness, instigating hatred between blacks and whites, cheating, fraud, instigating violence, and so on.

Not bad for an illegal president who campaigned on "uniting Americans" and governing by compromise. He didn't completely lie; he united the left furiously against the right as well as against "We the People" and, his foreign policy has been nothing but compromise and appeasement. In so doing he has compromised the security of the USA and " you ain't seen nothing yet" if one judges by what seems like a secret deal with the Russians about the nuclear arsenal of America.

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What other secret deals might have been worked out with other non- friendly nations of the world? Is China in this too? I didn't major in English, but I just checked the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and it defines treason as: the betrayal of a trust, while it says of betray: 1 : to lead astray; especially : seduce 2 : to deliver to an enemy by treachery.

On the other hand, when one (not only the president) swears to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and, not only fails to do so, but makes efforts to find ways not to keep his/her promise, what should you call that?

Let's face it. Many Americans believe that Barry Soetoro is a fraud and, that some very powerful people conspired long ago to make him president by hook or by crook, if he did what he was told once in the White House. Should that be the case, do you think he has succeeded?

In your opinion, do you feel that any other person could have done a more disastrous job as president, than Barry has done?

Perhaps his pal Bill Ayers could write for him another book, this one titled: "How to destroy a Superpower in a few ease steps and in less than four years".

Now, there were rumors that "Teflon Willy" had something to do with Chinese money. That was a rumor mind you, nothing was proven that I'm aware of!

Makes you wonder who or what nation/s would benefit from the demise of the greatest power on earth, ever! Talking about great powers, again, I hear that Russia has something against George Soros; is it true? Putin wouldn't issue an International warrant against "Spooky Dude", would he?

Stay tuned and God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero