Thursday, March 29, 2012


Frustration being what it is, there are times when I wish I could administer a 100 volt shock (not enough to kill, but enough to wake one up) to those Americans who seem still to be asleep. I say asleep, because I want to be kind; otherwise, I would have to say "stupid" or worse yet, Marxist.

The failed administration of the greatest con-man in the history of America, has such a disastrous record, has been such a terrible mistake, that now it has to have recourse to class warfare, inciting Americans against Americans, in order to save a few jobs (theirs), even at the expense of the collective wellbeing.

All the earth quakes, tsunamis, and other perturbations that have been affecting the Americas, are not because of the weather, but are caused by the Founding Fathers turning over repeatedly in their graves!

Even fifty years ago, could any American have guessed that the número uno country in the world, would find itself in its current predicament?

The Impostor-in-Chief, with his humongous arrogance, his hatred for America and the irrational backing of incredible and malevolent powers, has pulled, not only a fast one, but perhaps something close to the coup-de-grace to the unsuspecting voters of the nation. America is dying.

Fellows. If your gullibility or extra kindness, had stopped you up to now from seen the usurper of the White House for what he really is, now it is time to open your eyes and smell the café.

The corrupt Dems, will use any (dirty, of course) trick in the book and then some, to distract the voters from the real issues and the truth about them.

These champions of  "the little people," always include the black Americans among this group and have, for about one hundred years or so, made sure they kept them from escaping the plantation.

That is why, the man who ran as a "unifier", a "compromiser" and a bi-partisan president, has "fundamentally transformed The United States of America" from a healing country, back into a divided nation of separate black and white populations.

The game here, is to create such hatred and disarray, such violence in the streets, that the only thing that may appear palatable to the people, is to impose Martial Law and total government control, "until things get back to normal."  Sounds quite Hitlerian to me, but what the heck, most people living today, don't know much about what Hitler did or even who he was. Too bad, because he also was held in his day, as the "savior," the "messiah" who would bring peace, prosperity and harmony, to the Germany of the 1930s.

Can you see now why it is important to teach REAL history in our schools? I mean, not the scrubbed, cleaned-up version the Marxists have implanted in your children's mind, but what REALLY happened in the past.

What brought this up, you say?

Well, take a look at the last tragic event involving young Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Did you see the president of the United States urging people to calm-down until ALL the facts were known and a verdict issued by a legal court? Not at all! Instead, he touched the emotional chord by saying that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Is this unusual? Not in the least. For quite a while during his first attempt at conning the American people, this president, defended and protected his pal and mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, defending the indefensible. Oh, don't be so hard on him, he also took the side of his ex-professor when a cop thought that he was acting suspiciously (he was) by trying to break into what turned out to be his legitimate home. What would you have done, if you were a cop watching two guys trying to break into a house at night? Well, your dear president, without having all the facts, instantly condemned the cop by saying that what he did was stupid. He's a real pal, this president!

The New Black Panthers, during voting day in 2008, used intimidation at some polling stations, dressed in full uniform and carrying clubs. That was such an offense, that in any truly free country, the whole election would have been investigated and perhaps, declared null and void. Not in Obama's USA! There were no charges against the culprits, nor a proper investigation. The fact that all the people mentioned above as well as the head of the DOJ, are black, is just pure coincidence and I don't want you to jump into the wrong conclusions!

Do you see a pattern here?

Justice, fairness, equality for all, are a thing of the past in this illegal administration. Nothing is fair with these Marxists. When Barry Soetoro says that he wants everyone to pay his fair share, if you go to the English-Marxist dictionary and look it up, you'll find that it translates by: "we want you to pay more than anyone else, because you're not one of us."

How else could you sustain the current unfair system, where 47% (some say 49%) of Americans pay no taxes at all?

Nowadays, the New Black Panthers are offering a bounty for the "capture" of George Zimmerman even before all the facts are known. Never mind that it probably get the man killed by an overzealous person; it seems to me that this is inciting hatred and breaking the rule of law. But what the heck, the guy is just part white and part Latino, two very valid targets for black people who are being poisoned against non-blacks. Way to go, Barry!

Make no mistake. Adolf Hitler started in a fairly similar manner and Barry has been training his own Brown Shirts quietly but surely. He'll be ready to bring them out when necessary. The fact that the whole world is now in turmoil, is no coincidence either, which will prevent our allies to come to the rescue as they're having big problems of their own. Lefties protests and street violence are now common in Greece, Spain, with France and Italy showing signs of turmoil as well.

It looks as though "workers of the world unite," might become "Marxists of the world unite," the New World Order is here!

So, what is different aside from the above, from the pre-Soetoro world? Oh, not much. Just the fact that in a very short period of time, Barry has delivered most of the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood and its cronies, therefore allowing Islam to take a leap into the World Caliphate they always dreamt about!

He's also allowing Iran to build nuclear bombs, so it can terrorize his neighbors, especially Israel. But that doesn't count, does it?

Now it looks like there might be a secret deal between him and the Soviet... oops! I mean the Ruskies, that he'll have "more flexibility" (about disarmament) after he gets re-elected (!?). Surely that doesn't mean what you're thinking, that would be treason! Get your mind out of the gutter!

Well, with a great deal of luck, this November, America could have a very different administration, or could it? In spite of the lack of vision on the part of the GOP establishment, I hope that all Americans rally behind what seems to be the inevitable candidacy of Governor Mitt Romney; otherwise, the whole world is doomed and America will be no more.

God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero