Friday, March 2, 2012

The Silver Ballot

This is how God showed his LOVE among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 1 John 4:9

Our Glorious Premier states, "There is no silver bullet for lowering gas prices." Nobody claimed there was a silver bullet but the silver Keystone Pipeline could have helped control gas prices in the near future but Obozo stopped it. He also has done everything he could to eliminate the exploration and development of our oil resources. He has closed down the Gulf and any offshore drilling such as the huge deposits off Virginia as well as stopping much of Texas exploration and has tried to stop the Alaskan offshore development. There may not be a silver bullet, but he has used a machine gun on our oil resource management. He is a radical enviro-commie who believes that the automobile and freedom are the enemy of the oppressed worldwide. He is perhaps the most brainwashed man in America quoting tired clich├ęs why we can't develop our resources.

While Americans are trying to avoid going back to $4/gal and the economic collapse that comes with it, he is burning untold tons of fuel to promote his solar, wind and algae alternatives. These are not serious alternatives but simply Green marketing by the DNC. The DNC dumps Billions into these boondoggles where the money is laundered through unions and corrupt cronies greasing the politicians who pour more money into the boondoggle. It has been sold as energy conservation when it is nothing more than pure corrupt politics. They do not want a substitute to oil they want the elimination of oil and the combustion engine so people will be forced into their subsistence housing and mass transportation slavery. This has nothing to do with alternatives or clean energy, it is simply a long term plan to control the masses and institute communism in America.

This is a planned destruction of the oil companies to complete their nationalization of all the industries just like they have done with the auto industry, banking and healthcare. Once they destroy energy or at least damage it severely like they have done on the Gulf coast, the next step will be absolute vilification and Congressional hearings to come up with solutions to stop the evil CEOs from making excessive profits. They will then do what they did to the Insurance executives and publically humiliate them to make them go along with the stripping of their profits and eventually of their facilities. Similar to the damage they did to the auto industry they will nationalize it and destroy it to force the prices up to European levels and eventually North Korean prices.

Once they own all of your health insurance options, Social Security and energy you are then owned from cradle to grave which is what they desire. You will no longer be able to decide if your child is healthy enough to be born or you are healthy enough to receive that heart surgery. The state will decide what size family, where you live and what your occupation will be as you will become a slave. You will no longer be able to afford gas or a car and will be forced to live in their modular cities built around mass transit stations where they can keep an eye on you. They will tell you what to eat and how to exercise since the gummit will need to lower everybody's risk factors to keep costs down, so the yearly checkup will include your food intake card to verify your proper diet. You will become nice little soviet cattle.

Cars will be a thing of the past as there will be no oil production and electricity will be outrageously expensive due to all the boondoggle money machines. The only people who will have cars are the state workers who will have them provided as they are the elites who deserve to drive. We will have lots of electric cars, trains and shuttles being powered by ugly windmills, solar and algae which will lead to shortages and blackouts or simply not paying your bill due to the cost. This actually happened in Europe as 25% of certain countries can't afford to pay their electricity and are freezing to death in their apartments. Welcome to Obamaland.

The closest thing we have to a silver bullet is firing every Democrat and liberal Republican this year. It is time to begin to take back our freedom and that begins with a solid energy foundation. Until we have an uninterrupted source of oil and coal power we are always going to having high prices and unemployment. We need to develop our oil resources and that begins with taking it out of Federal control. There is no reason the Feds own over 50% of the land west of the Mississippi and over 70% of states like Alaska, Nevada and Utah. They need to take their greedy hands off of our resources and let state and local people decide what to and how to manage their own states. It appears that when states are given a chance things turn out far better than DC will ever begin to manage them.

North Dakota and Texas have ignored the District of Corruption and have proved the States are where these decisions need to be made. It lends itself far more efficiently then the Feds are able to do and has a much shorter chain of command making for quicker and more thorough decisions. Taking off the DC shackles would release massive amounts of energy into the markets as they began to develop and explore to make jobs, create industries and raise royalties improving their budgets. No we don't have a silver bullet, but we do have a silver ballot coming in November which is about as close as you can get if you want to develop our resources and bring those gas prices down where people can afford to live. This election will be a very simple decision, do you want the Eastern European model and gas prices or do you want Capitalism and all the benefits that goes with it like lower energy prices leading to a stronger economy and personal freedom. Do you want to develop our resources or keep them off limits for the commies' grand plan? America needs to use the Silver Ballot this November to choose between capitalism or communism.

Pray for America