Saturday, March 10, 2012


Well, the current administration has mastered the "art" of making it difficult to distinguish which one is which.

When I was growing up, my parents told me the difference between one and the other. It was very clear that the words were not interchangeable; it was like the expression: "you cannot be slightly pregnant." You were either lying or telling the truth. How come this corrupt administration has blurred the line between both to the point of confusion?

For example. The president who said years ago that energy prices would necessarily skyrocket under his policies and that we must get off fossil fuels at any cost, is now saying that he favors "all of the above" (meaning that he includes more drilling for oil and gas), while under his orders, various government (illegal?) agencies, are making it impossible to increase the supply of domestic oil. Yet, this man is lending money America doesn't have, to Brazil, to do the same off-shore drilling he forbids in the USA. Duh!

On the same subject, he has the gall to state that gas prices are high, not because America is not extracting more of its enormous reserves of oil and natural gas since, apparently, supply and demand are not at play here (!?), but because of global markets (at least he's not openly blaming President Bush). He seems to forget that the current global recession means that most countries are using less energy due to the fact that everything has slowed down. Well, between us, I don't think he has forgotten, it just is convenient to say that at this point, regardless of its veracity.

Even Secretary Chu, after some difficulty doing so, has admitted that drilling would have a positive impact on gas prices. He also clearly said that the goal is not to lower gas prices but to lower consumption. Then the president asked if anyone could possibly think that he could want higher gas prices in an election year. Funny how these Marxists cannot get all on the same page!

These people have learned that in some cases, telling just a small part of the facts, can make it appear as though they were speaking the truth. You see, when these liars say that domestic output is the highest in years, they are not technically lying; they are "just hiding the truth" and taking credit for what has nothing to do with their policies.

How is that? Simple. The extra domestic output is due exclusively to the efforts of the private enterprise on private land. On government controlled land and offshore, the output has decreased 11% and 17% respectively. Fortunately for the liars, most people don't know that (and/or don't care) so the sound bite has caused the desire effect and a great deal of ignorant people will swallow the half truth, and away they go! That's the plan though, because if all people knew what is going on, only Barack and Michelle would vote for him.

In the "good old days," the honest media would have taken care of unmasking the liars and thus, defend the interest of the American people. Alas, those days are gone and that type of media shrunk decades ago.

Barry Soetoro mocks the Republicans by saying their "plan" is to drill, drill, and then drill some more. Mr. Obama (or whatever your legal name happens to be), it looks to me that it is a better plan than yours: tax businesses, tax oil companies, tax the rich and then tax everyone some more; but whatever you do, keep America dependent on the "paisans" from the Middle East, and keep sending them the money that we don't have. Add the out-of-control spending so you can sink the U.S. economy and this will be a third world country in no time flat. Now, that's a plan Mr. president!

Now that I'm talking to you, monsieur le president, let me ask you: what's with Mr. Holder  interfering with the way the NYPD does its job? Siding again with your "paisans"? When can the Hasidic community of NYC expect to be sent to concentration camps?

After years of the decent media exposing the background and the mentors Barry Soetoro grew up in/with, how could anyone with a smidgen of brain, still support this usurper? Well, the hard core Commies don't mind that, but America is a predominantly Conservative nation. Is everyone asleep?

Does anyone know how to blow reveille (reveillez)? Do it now!


God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero