Monday, March 19, 2012

O'er the laand of the freeee and the home of the brave.

The coup d'état I have been predicting from day one, is finally sketching itself courtesy of this administration. The signs have been all over the place for those not partisan enough, not blind enough and/or not stupid enough.

By golly, in just the last few days, the Secretary of Defense told Congress in no uncertain terms, where they could shove their precious constitution, because this administration will do as it pleases.

Friday, the usurper-in-chief, signed what is tantamount to a declaration of war against "We the People." Under the soft-sounding, non-threatening name of "National Defense Resources Preparedness", the State has now effectively taken control of all energy, food and water now on American soil.

The Supreme Dictator, Ayatollah Soetoro, has given himself the power to establish, as he pleases, Martial Law even in peace time. How Hitlerian! Does this mean that, if all the usual cheating by his cronies at election time fails and the election doesn't go as planned, he will invoke his powers and keep the country under his boot?

I'm sure that's part of the plan, but does he really believe the American people will permit that? No wonder he wants to disarm "We the People"!

Don't say I didn't warn you long ago, I've been predicting this sort of thing for years now. Beware of what these monsters can do and the damage they can inflict to the Republic, in the last leg of this term. Be prepared for a barrage of freedom-curtailing "Executive Orders" destined to screw anyone who opposes him.

Be vigilant, be very vigilant I said as my readers know full well. Leon Panetta will obey the "international community" such as NATO, the U.N. etc., while by-passing the law of the land.

I just wonder how, those who are not hard-core Marxists but voted for Barry Soetoro (because they bought into the repugnant propaganda of the Jurassic Media and the Marxist cronies of Barack Hussein), I repeat, I wonder how they feel now watching the Republic go to the dogs.

Of course, this new "Executive Order" could be nullified along with all the other aberrations of this administration, if Congress started to act as true Americans would and remove Obama by charging him with the dozens of high crimes and misdemeanors available to them, not the list of which could very well be the greatest hoax and fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

Obama-bin-Lying, came to power promising bi-partisanship, unity and co-operation. After all, as a Community Organizer (or is it Communist Organizer?) he had the experience to do that.

Alas, the nation hasn't been as divided as it is today, since the Civil War!

Oh, well, stay tuned.


God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero