Monday, March 5, 2012


I'm no brighter than the next guy, but perhaps I've learn better how to read between the lines. Barry Soetoro's adoring Marxist crowd, just hear the things their falling usurper emphasizes, and the rest disappears.

O.K., so he bought and pay for the union vote. More particularly, the auto-union and related union jobs, vote. But wait a minute! Obama wants you to pay $9.00/gallon of gas. Now, everyone knows that most American families cannot afford  to pay so much for, what is now considered an essential item.

So what will people do? Well, I have the feeling that, forced to choose between food/ mortgage for the family, and driving, they will opt for the first two.

But then, what will happen to the car companies and related industries, if people stop driving and buying cars? What about the enormous amounts of money the messiah spent without consultation with "We the People"? I guess it will be lost. But wait! What about those jobs that were to be preserved within the auto industry? Gone!

O.K. then, who are those poor union workers who just lost their jobs, going to vote for in the following election? Oh the poor souls! Could it be that they will realize the absurdity of their past voting pattern? Don't hold your breath. They might blame Obama for not going far enough to the left and select an openly Communist candidate, who doesn't pretend to be a Christian..

So that's why I call Barry Soetoro a user, because he has based everything on the support of all Marxists, including the union bosses who have supplied him with fabulous sums of cash, to get to the White House. Meanwhile, he knew full well, that his energy policies would kill the auto industry and his supporters, would be without a job.

There's a solution though. As I have been saying almost from the beginning of this awful, anti-American administration, Barry could be forced out of the White House with all his corrupt cronies, very simply.

Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa county in Arizona, the elected man with the biggest cojones in the whole of the U.S.A., has provided America with the probable cause necessary to vet the usurper and charge him (and his cronies) with the most serious crimes in American Jurisprudence. This would make all the scandals ever in the history of the nation, pale by comparison.

As I've stated before on several occasions, once the fraud about Barry's ineligibility is proven, Joe Biden will fall as chosen by an illegal candidate and America will have President Boehner for a few months until the next Republican President is chosen (hopefully a true Conservative, not a RINO) this November.

Friends, the very existence of America as we know it is a stake here. Don't let this opportunity slip thru your fingers.


God Bless America!


Joseph A. Gamero