Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fluke vs God

Dear friends, since God so LOVED us, we also ought to LOVE one another. 1 John 4:11

We are clearly seeing a desperate play by a desperate Party. To attempt to switch the discussion from forcing a church to abandon its beliefs by state dictate is something only a tyranny like Nazi Germany would try. Then to cloak it behind women's right to have contraception would be laughable if it wasn't so tyrannical. Their Party is so obsessed with sex and being true to their faith they can't understand why anything or anyone would disagree with their world view.

The saddest person in this entire fiasco is Sandra Fluke. Here is a woman who is so politically and spiritually motivated she has no idea what a fool she has become. The goal of every liberal is to be a better liberal than the one next to you so it becomes a holier than thou competition. If you are tolerant of homosexuals, Mooselimbs and all the deemed inferior races than you are a good person. You are certainly a better person than those intolerant, racist, sexist Conservatives and Christians. For liberals intolerance as they label it is one of the few unforgivable sins. Intolerance is right up there with being for big oil making a profit or driving an SUV.

The religion of liberalism is a godless cult founded on evolution. Evolution was a simple theory which Darwin who believed in God thought would be proved or disproved within twenty years. A hundred and fifty years later scientists are still trying to prove it with no success. It has become their belief system rather than a science since it has so many gaps in it such as no transitory fossils including a hybrid man monkey so scientists rely on consensus. They have agreed it is fact and anybody who disagrees are not scientists and heretics who are virtually burned at the stake. They have declared it truth and nobody dares to question the consensus for fear of retribution.

Now evolution claims that animals and especially man is always evolving so the basis of science believes that they have evolved into a superior atheistic intellect. They use the same consensus to all agree with their societal and political views so when you combine them with the establishment press secretaries who agree with these liberal theories then you have an overwhelming belief in liberalism is the norm. These people all believe they have evolved and are more intelligent than those ignorant Christians who still believe in God and the Easter Bunny which brings them a sense of superiority to others. This means that their view of the world is superior to the less evolved so the others' opinions and rules really don't apply to them.

The only godlike entity to a fundamental liberal would be a group of evolved people or an evolved gummit. If they are in charge of gummit then they are godlike themselves and are not encumbered by trivial things like rules, laws or Constitutions. How can a 250 year old document be as evolved as they are especially when they are trying to instill a more evolved form of government like communism? They can't be slowed down by that so they manipulate the political theatre to make it look like one thing such as the oppression of women when it is something else which is the oppression of every God fearing American and their freedom of religion.

Communism has always required the elimination of Christians and the Christian churches. Hitler killed somewhere over ten million Christians and Stalin killed over 30 million. You have to eliminate the Christians since they do not believe gummits are the highest order and get in the way of so many evolved ideas such as infanticide and doctor assisted suicide as well as all the moral issues. Christians believe in absolutes rather than moral relativism or ends justifying the means.

This is another reason our Founding Fathers were so brilliant since they understood the importance of the church in the state as well as the dangers of the state in the church. Our evolved academia has turned that around by consensus to warn of the dangers of God in the state and now they want the state to rule the Church.

Young people like Fluke has been brainwashed inside these sanctuaries of commie religion and has accepted all of these empty beliefs. She believes that women cannot be empowered without unlimited access to birth control and abortion. She has been convinced by consensus that babies hold her back from her potential when in actuality they are what makes her miraculous. She has been told the very thing that makes women superior to men is what holds her back from them. She has been told that turning her womb into a tomb will make her life better when in reality it leads to depression, drugs, alcoholism and death spiritually and often physically. As it turns out this consensus of evolving to a higher being is a false belief and in reality is a devolving into a lower morality leading to spiritual destruction.

We can trace every one of our problems today to their religion. We have had so many agenda driven studies which provide a theory to promote their agenda and then gather consensus to validate those theories. You can take any issue such as abortion, Global Warming, energy, welfare, education and on and on. You can take any of our problems we have and trace it back to the theory and see how bad consensus science has made it and is allowed to continue. We continue to brainwash people like this young woman to continue their cycle of destruction.

Fortunately thanks to the internet and alternative news this cult is being exposed for the agenda driven religion that it represents. They have been belittling Christians for decades for needing God as a crutch yet they use their worship of gummit as a wheelchair. They have become cattle waiting for the slaughter while voting for bigger meat packing plants for the rest of us. They give all of these arguments how they have logic and scientific thought when all they really have is faith in the unknown explained by their form of a cult consensus religion. Unfortunately they have sucked many churches and Christians into this false religion through social justice which has added to our problems and need to evaluate what god they are worshiping.

Conservatives want to fight this war without God while liberals don't have that problem as their followers bring their god to the fight which is part of their worship. Fluke has become a saint in their church for being a victim and damaging Rush in their manufactured attack on the Constitution proving their superiority to both. Until Conservatives begin to understand this is a war on which God or gods America will worship, we are debating the wind.

Pray for America

Gary Bray