Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recovering from Global Warming

And this is his command: to believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and to LOVE one another as he commanded us. 1 John 3:23

When is someone going to run on offense and take the commielibs on where they are exposed the most? We have seen them paint the Repubs into the same corner they always paint them as the uncaring, heartless Scrooge while they are the caring Santa Claus. The least obvious but most defenseless area they have is their defense of the Global Warming fraud. Even though there is a growing consensus that this was agenda driven junk science Repubs are afraid to take this issue head-on or why it is so important to the average voter. In reality it is one of the most important and economic stimulating issues we face.

The Dems have put all of their eggs in the Global Warming basket and it is on fire. We are seeing more and more scientists who were proponents of Warming are now questioning the validity of the science they were backing and will see more and more as we go forward. The latest is a German utility executive who was a former believer and now a huge skeptic of the junk science, Fritz Vahrenholt has written a new book exposing the fraud which overstates and fear mongers for money and power. The Conservative movement needs to get in front of this as well as the next scare tactic they are likely inventing today.

The end of Global Warming will be the death of their primary tool for shutting down the energy industry which is costing trillions around the world. Without their chief weapon against the energy proponents they lose their number one tactic to keep the prices of energy artificially high and controlling the people. This allows them to stop the usage of cheap and efficient oil, gas and coal and promote their money laundry machines such as windmills, solar and light rail. These boondoggles are the perfect utility for shoveling tax dollars to the unions and eventually into their campaign war chests. There needs to be an all out war on the fraud of Global Warming while these academic charlatans need to be put behind bars rather than classrooms.

Rather than arguing with Dems about whether we should be raising the Social Security entitlement or unemployment we need to argue the benefits of ending the Global Warming energy moratorium. When we explain there is no little Bart Simpson's causing the greenhouse effect as was shown in Gore's movie or the cartoon polar bear has not lost his ice when in fact the ice pack is growing, then we can expose the fraud. We need to not only kill this hoax but detail the connection between it and $4/gal gas and raising electric rates.

We need to let them know we can put more money in their pocket by cutting their gas bill by only costing twenty dollars a week rather than the fifty it is costing the average American now. In addition we can let them know by using more coal we can lower their electric bill from a hundred a month down to around fifty. This puts an extra two hundred a month in their pockets and costs the taxpayer nothing.

Not only would their immediate energy needs be lowered by an average of two hundred dollars per month but they would see similar savings in their food bills. Everything that is made or transported has additional costs every time something is moved in the production and distribution of products, as well as many of the products are petroleum based as well as electrical costs being added. This is passed onto the consumer and the savings of cutting those energy costs in half would lower the costs and prices lowering an average food bill from around five hundred dollars down as much as half. This could put another hundred and fifty to two fifty putting a total of as much as an extra five hundred per month or six thousand per year from your basic necessities.

We should have a national goal to lower gas under $2 and cut electric bills in half in the next decade which would be possible if we can take the moratoriums off our energy production thanks to the hoax. We have an abundance of cheap fuel if we would get the gummit out of our way and especially this dictatorship. The unshackling of these resources will not only lower Americans' cost of living but would be the foundation of a solid economy with an abundance of low cost energy which is the lifeblood of any economy. The most obvious industry that would benefit is the auto industry as people would have extra cash for their transportation needs. Unlike the rail boondoggles the cities are forcing on their taxpayers to line their own pockets, people enjoy driving cars and they go where the people want to go which is why they are a more efficient means. In addition we would see more air travel as the cost of fuel and tickets decreased and people having disposable incomes.

Seniors and people on fixed incomes would benefit from the lifting of the drilling and refining moratorium that has been enforced by the Global Warming believers. The elderly and poor would now have to spend less money on their most basic needs thanks to lower prices on gas, food and electric bills along with the rest of America. Rather than making them slaves asking for more and more money from a system that is dying they could enjoy the benefits of a capitalist system. So rather than having to out pander the commies we can explain how the same libs are forcing them to live in poverty thanks to their restrictions to the economy. Slowly over time and repeating the message they can begin to understand the real costs to being forced to worship the earth for no real benefit other than their own power and control of every facet of our lives. The first giant step to freedom would be the destruction of the myth of Global Warming.

Pray for America

Gary Bray