Friday, February 24, 2012


Frankly, I'm more than fed-up with the stupidity the lefties have been able to spread thru the world's population. It is called "political correctness."

The enemies of the Western Way of Life are having a field day at our expense, using our laws and our fairness to beat us up with them, and laughing at our idiocy.

So, today, I'll talk about what it appears that almost everyone is afraid of even mentioning.

Every group of haters of our way of life, uses the same tactics.

Radical Islam; homosexuals; abortionists; Marxists, language minorities and the rest of those who wish to destroy what stands in the way of their radical views and their world domination dreams. For instance:

Why is the world silent when radical Islamists everywhere are massacring and torturing Christians and Jews, only because they don't agree with their faith? Christians and Jews don't agree with Islam, yet, we don't go around killing them because they follow the Qur'an.

Some people say that perhaps we should do that. I don't agree. That is too radical. However, perhaps it is time to start reciprocating of sorts.

No, we're not animals and we will not kill people for their beliefs. But what about deporting 1,000 members of the offending group, for every Christian/Jew they torture or slaughter? The Bible says: "an eye for an eye". That wouldn't be as drastic, but it could be as effective. We could start by expelling those who are known radicals in their group and see how that works.

The radical regime of Iran (a mortal enemy of anyone who's not a radical Muslim) decides to kill a Christian Pastor? We expel all the Iranian Imams in our land, meaning in every non Muslim country. Sounds simple enough to me!

An Islamist faction in Africa massacres hundreds of thousands (millions) of people who refuse to convert? There go the clergy of that country, back where they came from.

Radical immigrants of any type cause riots, property destruction and injuries in any host country? They get all expelled back home.

Ahmadinejad threatens to nuke Israel and America? The whole free world bombs the heck out of their nuclear facilities and military installations, with the warning that next time, it will be their cities. Drastic? You bet! Effective? I think so.

I know that some people reading these lines are pulling their hair and screaming murder, but isn't it a duty of Christianity to help those in need? I cannot think of anyone more in need than those who are about to die because of their faith!

This kind of reciprocity, is really self-preservation. Let's look at it another way. A group of unscrupulous extremists, register millions of voters who are not real voters; we put all of them in jail for many years, so other radicals do not think they can have a freebee doing the same and place an unconstitutional president in the White House. This is an example, of course.

Fellows, America, no, the world is being lost to a bunch of radicals of all sorts, with their own agendas and no respect whatsoever for the fate of their compatriots. We must get rid of this vermin at all costs, or we can kiss goodbye the countries that we love so much.

Do you still think it is a radical idea? Well, it is not as radical as killing innocent people because of their faith!


God Bless The Free World!


Joseph A. Gamero