Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama's War on God

Dear children, let us not LOVE with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18

This week we as Americans lost our right to freedom of religion. Thanks to the cult of liberalism they invented a right to healthcare as a way to strip every American church in the country their right to worship in the way they wish. Churches now have to get permission from a dictatorial edict which church doctrines can be worshipped and which cannot. Commie libs have always hated the Catholic Church just like they hate every institution that stands in their way and this is the latest vilification that has gone on for decades. This is the first step down a long pathway of strangling the church of its ability to stand against birth control and eventually the big prize which is abortion on demand.

Every communist in history has attacked the Christian church and the right so people to worship in the fashion they desired. The reason is due to the spiritual battle the church represents. Liberalism is formed by a cult worship which is a stumbling block to the ultimate slavery a centralized gummit demands. Our national religion is an atheistic cult that is built around evolution and moral relativism. This cult claims that man is the highest evolved being and liberals are a higher evolution than God worshipers since worshipping God is not scientific or logical to these cult followers. They tend to believe that communism is a higher form of gummit then our democracy. Since they are in their minds an evolved species than the simpletons who have the crutch of God, so the only thing greater than themselves is a group of people or a gummit. This is their ultimate god and what they truly worship and put their faith in and are so fundamental in their belief and superiority they force others to worship their god too.

Now we have witnessed the taking over of the Christian church by the godless liberal cult. They are using poor helpless women as props to execute their plan with the old smoke and mirror phrase of giving them free contraception. Their next step will be to force the churches to allow free abortion as a contraception since the abortion pill is a small step from the actual procedure. Abortion is not only allowed in Deathcare but is encouraged to feed their Planned Parenthood DNC laundry machine. The next step will be to tell the church what they can and can't preach such as preaching that homosexuality is a sin. They will step in and declare it hate speech and will force pastors to either stop preaching the truth or have their churches shut down and perhaps jailing.

What will happen if a church says they will not offer a policy that allows free contraception because the church believes that contraception goes against God's will. Will the gummit force the church to offer it even when it doesn't want to nor could they possibly shut the church down or the pastor or priest jailed? What is the punishment when a priest takes a stand and says this is not about who pays or doesn't pay but is a sacred teaching that they expect their practitioners to follow? This is not a right but a choice and the church has every right under God to worship the way they want without fear of a President.

This is a perfect example of what happens when you get something for free from the gummit, you pay with your freedom. When you don't have the freedom to worship openly then you don't really have any freedom at all. This was the primary goal of Ohbummercare to take people's freedom away. You are now a slave to the gummit, since they now literally own your life. We have now given them the ability to take away your ability to worship as well as the decision between your life and death. Welcome to Stalinist Russia. Ask the Christians in old Russia, Cuba or North Korea how tolerant their commie leaders are to God fearing Christians and you will find oppression and persecution like this.

This President has found a way to fight every institution the liberals hate. He knew there would be a backlash from the Catholic Church so the initial edict was not the deal he hoped he could get. You never make your first offer the offer you expect but something you can compromise from. He did this on purpose and you could see it in his eyes as he offered his supposed solution to a problem he created. He now has a position where both the insurance industry and the church can be vilified while he is a friend of women.

The question is whether the church can explain to America how they have lost their separation of Church and State. The Founders did not say that state needed to be atheistic and have no signs of religion; they said there would be no interference from the state allowing the freedom to worship as you please. This is exactly what this edict is doing and is why we lost our religious freedoms this week. You don't see the ACLU crying about church and state here, you simply see them for what they are, commies who want this country and its freedoms destroyed. Losing our religious freedoms is as basic as it gets and paves the way for a tyranny we will never be able to remove if left to stand. The churches need to unite and stand firm against this path to religious intolerance while it is still on the ground before we begin seeing the state monitoring and censoring what pastors will and won't be able to preach. This is a shot across the bow, warning the church that the spiritual war has just begun and he is about to remove his biggest roadblock to communist slavery, Jesus Christ.

Pray for America

Gary Bray